CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads
CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads
CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads
CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads
CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads
CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads
CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads
CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads
CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads

CCM Axis Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Since the days of the bright yellow Marc-Andre Fleury pads, the Premier line from Reebok, and now CCM has been synonymous with the modern butterfly style. Now, over a decade later CCM is pushing the boundaries of their stiffer line of pads with the CCM Axis. With a much stiffer, slimmer, and lighter profile the Axis leg pads combine a similar feel on the legs as the previous Premier line, but go above and beyond in the way that they feel and perform.

External Material
The CCM Axis goalie pads feature the same great speedskin material that was introduced on the Premier 2 leg pads. This material decreases the friction while sliding and provides much more seamless sliding performance, especially with torn up ice late in the game. The new flat inside edge of the Axis goal pads allows for a solid sliding surface that encourages even more powerful pushes than in the past.

Internal Construction
The internal construction of the Axis pads is markedly different from any pad CCM has made in the past. First and foremost, the flat inside edge of the pad as mentioned previously is not something has been seen on CCM’s stiffer pads in the past, instead opting for the softer rounded inside edge. The LiteXcore construction of the Axis is CCM’s thinnest and lightest build yet. The new slim injection-molded pro core design allows for excellent mobility while moving, and the Max Rebound+ technology ensures an extremely hard rebound to kick the puck out of danger areas.

Pad Break
The Axis pad features a pre-curved pad break. There is one internal break to ensure the pad has a slight amount of flex to properly close the five-hole without putting too much strain on the goalie. The outer roll however is a no break design to maintain the shape and maximize the surface area and stability of the pad while down in the butterfly. 

Boot Angle & Toe Taper
The CCM Axis also offers both a 90-degree toe taper, and a 90-degree boot angle. The 90-degree toe taper works very effectively with the bungee toe strings to allow for the best possible seal while also allowing the goaltenders skate to move out of the boot and lock in for strong pushes. The 90-degree boot also helps with pushes as it limits the interference of the boot of the pad hitting the ice before the runner of the skate.

Knee Cradle & Leg Channel
The knee cradle that the Axis pad has will look familiar to anyone that has picked up a CCM pad in recent years. If it ain’t broke don't fix it. The injection-molded EPP foam pad is solid, and offers good impact absorption as well as some of the best pad seal and stability on the market. The inner knee wrap is removable, allowing for either a wide loose recessed feeling right out of the box, or a tighter fit by adding the piece back in. The leg channel on the pad is also quite shallow in comparison to the Eflex 4, allowing for the pad to have freer rotation and a loose fit to best compliment the stiff LiteXcore tech.

The velcro QMSS (Quick Motion Strapping System) of the Axis pads allows the pad to hang looser on the leg and is optimized for quick rotation of the pads to allow for speedy butterflys. The large retention strap across the calf does the same job of the traditional leather straps, but with a huge decrease in weight. The bungee toe ties that are included are also essential to the 90-degree toe taper working as well as it does.

Sizes & Colors
The CCM Axis line will be able to be ordered fully custom, with a huge selection of specs, sizes and colours available for the goaltender to inject their own personality into. Stock pads to be ordered from CCM will be available in all white only, in sizes 33+1, 34+1, 34+2 and 35+2.



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