Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector

Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector

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The Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Goalie Chest Protector is a great sequel to the original, keeping the main look and feel in the same ballpark while still improving on performance and comfort. The biggest addition this year would be the HyperComp, improving the durability and protection. Alongside that is the new shape of certain pieces such as the biceps, shoulders and elbows, all contributing to a top of the line chest.

External Material
Warrior uses nylon and mesh on the exterior of the GT2 chest protector providing durability while still being comfortable and more importantly breathable preventing you from overheating while you’re on the ice.

Internal Foams
Warrior uses a mix of lightweight HD (High Density) and LD (Low Density) foams in the GT2 senior chest protector to keep the gear as light as possible while still maintaining performance and durability.

Shoulder Caps
The shoulder shape has changed since the first installment of the GT chest, allowing the mask to move around without any interference or getting caught. This gives you better vision and more comfortable puck tracking, never having to worry about your mask or lexan getting caught on the shoulders.

Adjustable Arms
The arms on the GT2 have been improved as well, with the biceps being squared off for maximum coverage. This minimizes the holes on the GT2 chest, enabling a nice seal between the arm and body, while also adding in protection.

Elbow Caps
The new GT2 chest has double shield front elbow floaters, providing more protection while also allowing more mobility. This works by having 2 smaller floaters rather than one large one, eliminating stingers on the front by covering weak spots with the secondary floater. Similar to the GT original, the chest has plastic elbow cups.

Back Straps
This chest has an endless number of straps, strings and Velcro to guarantee you get the right fit for you. The arms are laced in rather than Velcro, giving a more traditional and solid feel while still being somewhat adjustable. The shoulders have multiple adjustments, for the floaters, chest height and shoulder width. Along with many more adjustments, the GT2 also have removable front and side chest extension padding.

Sizes & Colors
The GT2 comes in a sleek black colourway, resembling almost a dark knight sort of look to it. The sizes for the senior model include small, medium, large and extra large.

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Adjustable ArmsYes, laced in
Back StrapsYes, chest height, shoulder width and floaters
Elbow CapsPlastic elbows
External MaterialNylon and Mesh
Internal FoamsHyperComp with HD foams
Made In
Shoulder CapsShaped to reduce mask interference
Warranty90 Days

Goalie Chest Protector Sizing

Sizing a Goaltenders Chest Protector is important to ensure the range of motion is not impeded, while still offering complete coverage from impact. There are steps necessary to finding the right fit in your Chest Protector, and the first is to know your measurements.

Finding The Right Size - Measuring Arm Span
To measure your arm span, hold your arms out and measure from wrist to wrist. Start from the bottom of one forearm (you’ll see a bone where your wrist is) and measure to the other. Avoid measuring from fingertip to fingertip, as hand size is not relative to arm length. You do not want the Chest Protectors arm lengths to be too long and interfere with the Catcher and Blocker.

Making Sure Your Chest Protector Fits Properly
Below are some good criteria to follow to make sure your Chest Protector fits properly.

      1. The arms of the Chest Protector end just before your wrist. This is important because you want to ensure that the wrist portion of the arms do not interfere with your blocker and catching glove. Depending on the model, adjustable arms may be an offered feature, which is an added bonus for goaltenders that are still growing. If the arms are too long, or too short, check the arms of your Chest Protector to see if the length can be adjusted.
      2. The elbow of the goaltender fits securely into the pocket of the elbow protection, and doesn't shift too far away from them. Keep in mind, arms usually have to be adjusted and positioned properly while putting on your chest protector.
      3. Make sure the shoulders of the Chest Protector are sitting comfortably and wrapped around your shoulders. This can be seen visually by looking at the collar of the Chest Protector, looking to see the shoulders are sitting in the pocket of the shoulder caps. You also want to make sure that the collar of the Chest Protector doesn't sit below the clavicle, exposing the goaltenders collar bone.

Customer Reviews

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Mario Fortino
Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector

I just bought the protector and now that I have tried it on, I found it too bulky. The arms protection does not allow for good overall movement. While the actual Chest Protector is fine, the bulkiness of the arms makes it uncomfortable for me.

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