Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Classic Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Classic Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Classic Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Classic Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Classic Senior Goalie Catcher

Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Classic Senior Goalie Catcher

Ice Hockey Goalie Regular vs. Full Right

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The Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Classic trapper introduces CoverEdge+ technology into Warrior’s trapper lineup. With Warriors innovative face forward design, this new technology helps goalies attack shooters more aggressively by taking away more of their shooting angle while still remaining in their same stance.

External Material
Warrior uses regular Gen Pro on the G5 Pro Classic catch gloves. Warrior has improved the protection on this glove by adding HyperComp to the palm. The addition of HyperComp will prevent stingers by adding an extra layer of protection and promote longevity because there is no worry of plastic cracking in the glove.

Break Angle
The first thing you’ll notice about this glove is not only that it’s more comfortable, but also that it is truly game ready. The new break angle is the same as the G4, but by no means is the glove the same. The redesigned thumb angle makes the glove fit more naturally on the hand providing comfort and making it easier to use.

Pocket Design
The Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Classic Catcher features a single T pocket design. Usually this means a smaller pocket but Warrior has created this single T using AxyFlex technology which allows the T to hinge when the trapper is closing to allow for a more secure catch with the puck in the pocket.

Strapping stays familiar with the G5 Pro Classic goalie catcher, keeping the same strapping style as the previous G4 trapper. The removable palm is carried over as it has been in the previous iterations of the G series. This allows goalies to change the catch angle of the trapper with additional palms available through Warrior if they so choose.

Cuff Design
The cuff on the G5 Pro Classic allows the goalie their full wrist mobility without any restrictions. A one piece cuff and thumb design lets the goalie present their glove the way they want to hold it. This makes the goalie feel more comfortable using the glove and therefore making the goalie more confident when making a glove save.

The G5 Pro Classic is a refined old school graphic available in a variety of colors. Warrior has an impressive customizer for the G5 Pro Classic, allowing more options and an easier process than some other brands. Warrior stocks the following colorways in Pro Classic; All White, White/Black, White/Black/Red, White/Red, and White/Royal. Different break angles are also available through custom ordering, choices between 60, 75, or 90 degree finger positioning.

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Adjustable StrapsProprietary Backhand Velcro
Break Angle75-degree
Cuff DesignOne-Piece
External MaterialGenPro
Made InChina
PocketAxyFlex Single-T
Warranty30 Days
Goalie Catcher Sizing Chart
Catcher Size
**Hand Measurement
Senior *7" - 8 ½"
Intermediate 6 ⅓" - 7"
Junior 5 ¾" - 6 ⅓"
Youth 4 ½" - 5 ¾"
*8" - 8 ½" is typically seen as a SR-XL palm
**Hand Measurement is made from heel of palm to the tip of your middle finger

Goalie Catcher Sizing

More times than not, the fit of your Goalie Catcher is often overlooked. This is likely the result of the limited size availability compared to other pieces of equipment, however a properly sized Catcher provides you the protection and stick control you trust.

Which Catcher Size is for you?
The first step to finding the correct Catcher size is to utilize the “heel-of-palm-to-tip-of-middle-finger” measurement. This measurement will generally send you to the appropriate size you need.

Analyzing the Catcher Fit
It is important to make sure the palm lines up properly within the catching glove, so that it can be closed without excessive force. New goalie gloves will be difficult to close initially, but through either a standard break-in process, or "baking" the catcher with our in-house convection skate ovens, they will soften over time.
*We do not recommend using any conventional in-home ovens, as the results have been very unpredictable in the past and could damage your Catcher.*

Next you want to ensure the adjustable wrist strap goes directly across the wrist bone, and has minimal to no interference with your chest protector. The goaltender should be able to swivel their wrist to accommodate a range of save selections without any restrictions from the chest protector.

Sizing for Growing Goaltenders
For growing goaltenders we recommend following the guidelines set above, rather than sizing up to accommodate growth. Oversized goalie gloves restrict control, especially for young developing goalies. As you climb the size ladder for Catchers, typically the glove requires more strength for pocket closure.

Which Hand Do I Need?
Figuring out which hand you need for your Catcher can be slightly confusing. Goalies generally refer to themselves as "REGULAR" or "FULL RIGHT". Below is the easiest way to simplify which hand you need.

    Goalie Catcher Hands Simplified
  • Regular - Catcher worn on your Left Hand
  • Full Right - Catcher worn on your Right Hand

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