Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves
Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves

Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves

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The Warrior Alpha DX Senior hockey gloves are a new line of protection as Warrior takes a leap into protective equipment under their Alpha product line. Warrior offers a dynamic strike composition of glove which features an old school look with an anatomical feel that is designed to improve puck control and provide optimal hand protection.

The tapered fit allows the glove to contour the natural shape of your hand with a hybrid flex cuff at the end of it to extend your range of motion.

The Alpha DX gloves use a two material construction to provide durability and a sleek look. A lightweight polyester wraps the foams to reduce weight and increase breathability throughout. A synthetic leather accents the polyester and completes the look.

Backhand Protection
A traditional four-roll design with a tapered fit is found on the back of the glove. The 4-roll design offers a traditional feel and the tapered fit helps to secure the glove to the hand better and offer additional mobility. The hand is protected by Warrior’s Impax+ foam, which is a high-end mix of VN and HD IXPE foams and shield inserts to disperse impacts.

Finger Design & Protection
The Alpha DX gloves mix a traditional four-roll design with a more modern cut in the fingers. The index and middle finger offer a three-piece design for increased mobility coupled with the standard two-piece design on the ring, and pinky fingers. The fingers are protected by Warrior’s Impax+ foam, which is a high-end mix of VN and HD IXPE foams and shield inserts to disperse impacts.

Thumb Design
As part of the Alpha DX’s Buttersoft Feel, an Axi-Flex thumb is provided on the gloves to improve dexterity and grip on the stick. This thumb is designed to flex towards the palm to better close the hand, but locks up and becomes rigid when flexed backwards.

Cuff Design
The cuff of the DX is designed as a flex cuff which extends your range of motion to allow for better puck handling and less binding against your elbow pads. However, the hybrid cuff still remains tight enough to your hand to protect your wrists from slashes.

Palm Material & Gussets
The Buttersoft feel incorporated into the gloves features responsive lycra gussets and Warrior's Axi-Flex thumb. This, combined with a Pro Palm+ offers a great mix of feel and durability that has been tested at the game’s highest level.

The yellow WarTech FnC used by Warrior has become a staple on all of their protective products. Powered by Polygiene, this liner is designed to keep you dry, clean and odor free. The composition of the liner inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, and all you need to do is wipe it with a warm cloth every month or so to keep it performing at its best.

Sizes & Colors
The Alpha DX senior gloves are available in 13”, 14” and 15” sizing and offered in six different colors: Black, Black/White, Black/Red, and Navy.

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Backhand ProtectionImpax+
CuffHybrid Flex
External MaterialPolyester & Synthetic Leather
Finger DesignThree-Piece (Index & Middle), Two-Piece (Ring & Pinky)
Finger ProtectionImpax+
LinerWarTech FnC
Palm MaterialPro Palm+
Pinky Finger ProtectionImpax+
Thumb DesignAxi-Flex
Warranty90 Days
Made In
Warrior Senior Hockey Gloves Sizing Chart
Glove Size13"13.5"14"15"
Age (years) 14+ 14+ 14+ 15+
Height (ft) 5'5" - 5'9" 5'6" - 5'10" 5'7" - 5'11" 5'9" - 6'1"
Weight (lbs) 120 - 160 130 - 170 140 - 180 160 - 200+
Hand Length (in) 6.0" - 6.5" 6.25" - 6.75" 6.5" - 7.0" 7.0" - 7.5+"

Player Glove Sizing

Sizing Before Purchase

To ensure you're purchasing the proper sized glove, one simple measurement using a measuring tape is all it takes to accurately find your size. Place the tip of the tape measure at the top of your middle finger (or which finger is longest) and measure all the way down to the bottom of your palm. Record this measurement and multiply by two. This will be roughly the size of glove you need. Compare your height, weight and age to the charts provided on each model as well to find your best fit.

Growth Room

If you are including growing room in the glove for a young player, always round the measurement up to the next whole number (ex. 3.2” x 2 = 6.4” -> 7”).

True Size

When sizing for true size (no growth room) using the above measurement, round measurements less than 0.5 down to the next whole number. If the measurement ends in .5 or higher, round up to the nearest whole number.

Fit Guide

When looking for a glove you must first decide what style of glove you like better. This is purely personal preference, and usually pertains to what the player has worn in the past. We have divided all the gloves we carry into three different fits; THS-1, THS-2 and THS-3.

THS-1 (Traditional)

A loose, traditional fitting glove will feel widder around the hand. These gloves typically have 4 protective rolls on the backhand and can use thicker low density comfort foams in the liner to snug up the inside of the glove.

THS-2 (Tapered)

A tapered style glove combines the fit of a traditional and anatomical style glove. This style will offer a snug fit in the fingers and up through the palm of the hand, but widens at the cuff of the glove to allow for better mobility.

THS-3 (Anatomical)

A tighter fitting anatomical glove reduces negative space and feels like a second skin. Anatomical gloves fit tighter around all aspects of your hand, and you may notice the tight cuff reduces some mobility around the wrist comparitive to the other fit styles.

Sizing after Purchase

To ensure a proper size once you have received your gloves, you will want to take a look at two things. One – make sure the your fingers are all the way in the finger slots but not pressing into the gussets on the end, a good fitting glove will leave your fingers so that they are just able to brush the tips of the gussets. Two – make sure thr palm of your hand is not spilling over the end of the glove palm material onto the inner cuff. Keep in mind the moment you first receive your new gloves will be the smallest the glove will ever fit. Over time and with prolonged use, the foams will compress and the leathers will stretch marginally expanding the size of the glove marginally.

If you are sizing a glove to include growth room for a player, have them place their hands in the glove with their palms facing up. To determine if a glove is too big, have the player place their hand inside as they would if they were playing. Next, take your index finger and determine how much additional room is between the top of their palm and the edge of the cuff. Typically you want no more room than the width of your index finger. Then have the player press their fingers against the palm so you can see the outlines, make sure their pinky finger is at least 3/4” of the way into the pinky slot. To determine if the glove is too small, take your fingers and feel along the inner cuff of the glove just after the palm material. Make sure the player’s palm is not spilling over the material and onto the cuff. Next take a look at the fingers of the glove, you want the player’s fingers to fit in each finger slot, but they should not be pressed up against the edge or touching the gussets.

A quick way to test for a proper fit is to pick the stick up off the ground by the shaft, if this cannot be done easily, the glove is probably too big.

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