TRUE AX5 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads
TRUE AX5 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads
TRUE AX5 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads
TRUE AX5 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads
TRUE AX5 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads
TRUE AX5 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads

TRUE AX5 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads

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The True AX5 Junior Hockey Elbow Pad is a three-piece construction featuring Molded HD Foam inserts. Inside, it is lined with a moisture wicking poly liner making this elbow pad lightweight, and moisture wicking. Finally, it’s three-piece strapping system will ensure maximum mobility and the perfect fit every time you step onto the ice.

True’s three piece construction on the AX5 elbow pad allows for full arm mobility while ensuring all key areas are fully protected with molded HD foam inserts.

Bicep & Forearm Protection
True’s strategically placed Molded HD foam inserts on the AX5 elbow pad will have you feeling fully protected during all of your ice times.

Elbow Cap
True’s HD Molded Foam elbow cap paired with the three-piece strapping system will have you feeling confident that you are fully protected and locked in on the ice.

Strapping System
A three-piece strapping system offers superior comfort by providing a personalized fit for optimal mobility throughout your entire ice time.

True’s moisture wicking poly liner helps to keep the pads dry and lightweight while you’re out their grinding.

The True AX5 JR Hockey Elbow Pads come in sizes Small to Large.

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Bicep ProtectionHD Molded Foam
Elbow CapHD Molded Foam
Forearm ProtectionHD Molded Foam
LinerMoisture Wicking Poly Liner
Made InChina
SizesS - L
Strapping SystemThree-Piece Strapping System
Warranty90 Days

Player Elbow Pad Sizing

    Things to consider:
  • Age, Height and Weight
  • Level of Play
  • Length of Area of Desired Protection

When fitting or trying on elbow pads, there are a few things to look at to make sure you have a proper fit. To start, make sure your elbow is placed in the center of cup or designated area and fasten the elbow pad using the straps. You will want to make sure that elbow pad is snug and secure and will not slip off the elbow joint. As well, move your arms around with each pad on, range of motion is key, and you will feel mobility differences in each product. If the elbow pad is too big it will shift and slide around on your arm. If it is too small your elbow will feel like it is sitting above the pad.

Elbow pad strapping is semi-adjustable, so if you find a pad that you like the feel of on your arm, adjust the straps until it fits securely. If the strapping feels too tight against your arm and you are unable to loosen it further, this is a good sign that you may need a bigger size. As well if you have fully tightened the strapping and the elbow pad is still loose or shifting on your arm, a size down will probably work better.

When looking at different elbow pads, there are a variety of different features to choose from. Some models will be offered in a soft elbow cap (although this is becoming more uncommon) and other will come with a hard plastic shell. As well, strapping systems can change and straps such as anchor straps or lock strap with provide a better lock to the pad than a regular elastic strap. These features are personal preference and usually are dictated by price range as well as brand. Once you have a feel for what you like or dislike you can narrow your choices.

When viewing sizing online, most elbow pads will be offered in Small, Medium and Large. Sizing charts are provided below and on each product to double check where you line up and as well list all the sizes available. These charts are for reference only and personal preference is a factor as well when looking for the best fit.

Compare your height, weight and age to the charts provided to find your best fit. As well, put on your shoulder pad and gloves and have someone measure the space/gap in between (in inches) to determine the proper sizing.

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