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Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads
Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads
Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads
Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads

Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads

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The Vaughn Velocity V9 INT Goalie Leg Pads are designed to give the intermediate goaltender the ideal combination of modern technologies with a traditional feel. Built with high quality foams, the V9 Int is able to offer a soft feel while remaining durable and maintaining its easily flexible pre-curved shape. Compared to the VE8, the V9 Int has a slimmer profile including a thinner upper thigh and a streamlined outer roll giving it a lighter feel. The core of the V9 Int also features a firmer face giving rebounds a more active, lively feel off the front of the pad. The use of a QuickSlide inner landing area gives the pad a significantly improved slide while a calf pillow and a tighter fitting calf wrap paired with Vaughn’s RRC strap allow you to remain in control of each motion and feel like the pad is an extension of your leg. A soft, Nash-like material lines the knee cradle creating a comfortable feel while the use of their MSH technology allows the pad to rotate into the butterfly quicker. The wide knee cradle and removable outer knee wing allows for easy integration with knee pads of all sizes. QuickSlide is also used in high wear areas such as the outside of the knee block, toe binding and upper thigh in order to increase the durability of the V9 Int. The velcro and elastic boot strap allows for flexibility and easy adjustability while the bungee toe ties relieve stress off of your hips while still keeping you firmly attached to the toe bridge without running the risk of coming undone like other velcro options.

External Material
The V9 Int leg pad uses a durable synthetic leather face combined with a QuickSlide slide surface and toe binding for superior slide and durability in high wear areas. A soft, comfortable Nash-like material lines the knee block, upper calf and instep leading into the calf wrap made of a breathable, durable nylon interior with a lightweight mesh exterior. 

Internal Construction
Like the VE8, the V9 Int pad features a traditional three knee roll design. However, the core of the V9 Int has been redesigned to be thinner, lighter and to give off harder, more active rebounds. A pre-curved shape and a scoop bend gives the V9 Int the traditional Velocity shape and soft flexible feel that users of previous Velocity line pads and other hybrid pads alike will appreciate. A lower profile, single break outer roll provides good flexibility while further reducing the weight of the V9 Int pad. The squared off upper thigh provides better seal and coverage compared to previous Velocity pads and other softer pads. 

Pad Break
A single external break below the knee is seen on the V9 Int pad, combined with a soft core and boot, the V9 Int pad retains the soft, forgiving, traditional feel of previous Velocity line pads that hybrid goalies know and love.

Knee Cradle
The knee cradle of the V9 Int features a widened knee landing area for improved integration with knee pads of all sizes. The knee cradle is made of a removable, replaceable landing block covered with a soft Nash-like material. The outer knee wing is made of nylon and is laced in allowing it to be adjusted or removed entirely. The centre of the knee cradle features Vaughn’s MSH which speeds up pad and leg rotation when dropping into and recovering from the butterfly.

The V9 Int features a redesigned strapping system and calf wrap allowing for a simpler, quicker and lighter system. Vaughn uses a velcro Reactive Rotation Control strap that sits on the upper calf to allow for quicker yet more controlled pad rotation while giving the pad a connected feel. The calf wrap uses a single velcro strap to seal its extended wings that offer better coverage over those of the VE8 shut. While still a fairly tight fitting leg channel, the V9 Int has a widened inner leg cradle overall when compared to previous Velocity pads giving goals the feel of a tight fitting leg channel while offering the better rotation associated with a looser leg channel. Finally, the V9 Int features a velcro bootstrap as well as the same bungee toe tie system seen on the SLR2 leg pads.

Toe Taper
The toe on the V9 Int pad features a taper similar to that seen on the VE8 allowing for superior mobility and recovery pushes while not sacrificing any seal or coverage.

Sizes & Colors
The V9 Int leg pad will be available in a full intermediate size range; 28”+2, 30”+2 and 31”+2.They’re available in four colour options including All White, White/Black, White/Red, White/Blue