Goalie Gear Reviews

CCM Axis 2 Leg Pad Review
The original Axis may have been a test drive for CCM and what they could do with stiff pads—and now with the Axis 2, we’ve come to the real deal. Taking what they learned from the original Axis and even the historical Premier series, these leg pads look to elevate your game to the next level… and have you looking great in the process.
CCM Axis 2 Catcher & Blocker Set Review
Prepare for a revolution; the Axis line from CCM is back in one of the biggest updates to a gear line yet, starting with the catcher and blocker. The Axis 2 goalie gear set bolsters a ton of brand new tech—including the highly anticipated 591 break—and lighter construction than ever before.
Bauer Supreme Mach Leg Pad Review
You’ve likely seen and learned about the existence of these pads already, whether that be from sneaky NHL appearances, inside leaks, or the rather stealthy switch from Bauer themselves on their online customizer. The Supreme Mach pads sound exactly as they perform—providing that explosive power and unmatched speed you need to reach the next level.
Bauer Supreme Mach Catcher & Blocker Review
The brand new Bauer Supreme Mach catcher and blocker are set to carry us toward the future of goaltending with cybernetic graphics and unrivalled performance, all while keeping that same Supreme feel we know and love from the classic line.
Vaughn SLR3 Pro Carbon Leg Pad Review

After a long wait full of leaked pictures, teasers, and pro gear sightings, the highly anticipated SLR3 Pro Carbon leg pads are finally here, and they are boasting some pretty impressive improvements over the pad they replace.

Vaughn SLR3 Pro Carbon Catcher & Blocker Review
We’ve known Vaughn was on the move for a while now—leaked pictures, teasers, and pro gear sightings have all led us to this fact. Now, the highly anticipated SLR3 Pro Carbon glove and blocker are finally here, and they boast some pretty impressive improvements over their predecessors.
Bauer Pro Goal Skates Review
A Revolution in Goalie Movement - With a number of upgrades over the Ultrasonic such as a redesigned liner, fit system and tongue, along with an array of custom options; the Bauer Pro skate is a great option for the elite level goaltender looking for one of the most comfortable and best performing skates available to them.
Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates Review
A Revolution in Goalie Movement - With the release of their newly condensed skate line, we wanted to take a look at the new Bauer Elite and GSX skates while showcasing both their similarities and differences in order to make the choice between the two easier. Let's take a look at the technologies and features packed into these skates that make them great options at their respective price points.
True TF9 Goal Skate Review
After years of dominating the custom skate market with countless professional and elite goalies making the switch, True has finally brought a mid price point skate to market.
CCM Eflex 5 Chest Protector
The new E-Flex chest protector features new design changes making it one of the best chest guards for mobility without sacrificing coverage.
CCM E-Flex E5.9 and E5.5 Catcher/Blocker Review
One area where CCM has always stood above the rest is in their gloves. The E5.9 and E5.5 catcher and blocker feature a couple notable upgrades over their predecessors giving them an improved feel, protection and some weight reduction.
CCM Eflex 5 Trapper & Blocker Review
CCM took what was great about the E-Flex 4 and made the necessary tweaks to create an even better set of  gloves.
Bauer Vapor 3X Leg Pads Review
With the release of all the impressive new technologies and features in the Hyperlite pad, the midline 3X has been placed in the shadows. However, with the same StabiliFlex knee block, upgraded materials and a lightweight core, the 3X is by far the best iteration of a pro pad at a mid line price point we’ve ever seen.
Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Goalie Stick Review
DURABILITY + GRIP + CONTROL = THE BEST BAUER GOALIE STICK EVER MADE. Traditionally, the Vapor line of goal sticks has lagged behind the Supreme in their technology, feel and weight. The Hyperlite stick looks to change that narrative by...
Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Catcher & Blocker Review
When replacing a line as popular as the 2X Pro, Bauer had some big shoes to fill; with the new Hyperlite line they took what made the previous generation Vapor gear great and brought it to the next level. Bauer...
Warrior Ritual Goalie Masks Review
Warrior took the time to fully develop this Ritual mask line, learning from issues with other masks in order to build something capable of working for everybody. While it may be hard for Warrior to break into a market that is dominated by Bauer and CCM, they have built a quality line of masks that are worth considering if looking for a mask for when it comes time to hit the ice again.
Warrior Ritual X3 Goal Pant Review
Warrior’s pants are built like no other on the market, with a focus on coverage and mobility they’re able to offer a pant that has superior protection and range of motion. This is all thanks to innovative technologies such as AxyCut and Flex Plates as well as materials like  Hypercomp.
Warrior Ritual X3 Chest Protector Review
The Ritual X3 is the first in a new line of chest guards that combines what was great about the G5 and GT2 to offer a line of units that appeals to every goalie no matter if they’re looking for something that maximizes coverage and protection or a unit that is streamlined for less weight and mobility benefits.
NEW TRUE Lefevre Goal: Launch details!
Embodying decades of design expertise for elite comfort and unparalleled performance, the handcrafted TRUE Hockey goalie collection has arrived. Here’s what we know so far… Lefevre has stormed the goalie world, recently joining forces with TRUE Hockey, the famous Canadian...
Bauer Profile 960 Goalie Mask
With the new flagship Profile mask, Bauer kept the iconic 960 look while incorporating a number of changes to the shell and liner bringing the mask to a new level of protection and comfort. 
Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goal Stick Review
While on the surface the Ultrasonic stick may closely resemble its predecessor, Bauer has made several key changes to give this new Supreme stick a more durable construction while maintaining the featherweight feel many goalies are searching for.