Goalie Gear Reviews

CCM Axis 2 Catcher & Blocker Set Review
Prepare for a revolution; the Axis line from CCM is back in one of the biggest updates to a gear line yet, starting with the catcher and blocker. The Axis 2 goalie gear set bolsters a ton of brand new tech—including the highly anticipated 591 break—and lighter construction than ever before.
Brian's G-NETik X5 Goalie Gear Review
For 2022, Brian's is making it easier for goalies of all skill levels to get in the game and bump up their play in the process. Brian's has demonstrated in the past and already even this year why they are one of the best of the best, and with the release of the G-NETik X5, Brian's further establishes themselves as committed to helping every goalie reach their full potential.
Bauer Supreme Mach Catcher & Blocker Review
The brand new Bauer Supreme Mach catcher and blocker are set to carry us toward the future of goaltending with cybernetic graphics and unrivalled performance, all while keeping that same Supreme feel we know and love from the classic line.
Vaughn SLR3 Pro Carbon Catcher & Blocker Review
We’ve known Vaughn was on the move for a while now—leaked pictures, teasers, and pro gear sightings have all led us to this fact. Now, the highly anticipated SLR3 Pro Carbon glove and blocker are finally here, and they boast some pretty impressive improvements over their predecessors.
CCM E-Flex E5.9 and E5.5 Catcher/Blocker Review
One area where CCM has always stood above the rest is in their gloves. The E5.9 and E5.5 catcher and blocker feature a couple notable upgrades over their predecessors giving them an improved feel, protection and some weight reduction.
CCM Eflex 5 Trapper & Blocker Review
CCM took what was great about the E-Flex 4 and made the necessary tweaks to create an even better set of  gloves.
Bauer Vapor 3X Catcher & Blocker Review
One thing that Bauer has done a great job of in recent years is translating the features and feel of their pro gloves down to the performance level. The 3X gloves got the same redesign the Hyperlite saw with a tweaked shape, break and updated materials and components making them one of the best value glove and blocker soon to be on our wall.
Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Catcher & Blocker Review
When replacing a line as popular as the 2X Pro, Bauer had some big shoes to fill; with the new Hyperlite line they took what made the previous generation Vapor gear great and brought it to the next level. Bauer...
Bauer Supreme 3S Blocker and Trapper Review
Having already reviewed the UltraSonic series, let’s bring our focus to the Bauer Supreme 3S catch glove and blocker. At an impressive price-point, the 3S glove and blocker sport big improvements in terms of quality and protection, using Bauer’s Curv composite and new Shocklite technology, as well as their Catchlite Palm. Let’s dig in and talk about these new features.
CCM Axis 1.9 Blocker & Trapper Review
After taking the new A1.9 series from CCM out on the ice, read our take on the step down from the Pro level Axis model. The A1.9 offers terrific value. The Axis line gives CCM a nice revamp where we see many minor changes as well as some major ones. 
Bauer Ultrasonic Catcher & Blocker First Look Review

A question that gets asked a lot in the goal equipment world is, how do you improve on a winning formula?  The Bauer 2S Pro glove and blocker were a significant improvement from its predecessor the 1S.  So, what's new? I went straight to Bauer’s goal category managers, Mark Gignac and Spencer Freer, to find out.

CCM Axis Catcher & Blocker On-Ice Review
CCM brings us the all-new Axis catch glover and blocker. This new line brings in a ton of major improvements and features to bring out the best in any goalie who wears them.
Brian's Optik 2 Pro Trapper/Blocker Review
Read our review of Brian's Optik 2 Pro trapper and blocker. If you were a fan of the original Optik, find out what changed and what makes the new series a must upgrade.
Warrior GT2 Blocker & Trapper Review
The GT2 catcher may be the biggest improvement this year for Warrior. With a bigger pocket, new break angle, HyperComp additions and standard double tee how does it compare to the original GT? Already the lightest blocker on the market, The GT2 looks to improve on performance while keeping the blocker as light as possible. 
Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper and SLR Blocker Review
Vaughn is known for their premium quality trappers, which are also semi-broken in at the factory, giving them a great feel right off the shelf. As far as the blocker, Vaughn didn’t need to change much after the success they had with the original SLR. Check out some of the subtle changes of this great set.