Gear Reviews

Bauer HyperLite Helmet Review
The Bauer HyperLite helmet will keep you feeling light, fast, and strong from the beginning of the game to the final buzzer. This revolutionary hockey helmet is incredibly lightweight and is highly customizable with both length AND width adjustment options.
CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet Review
This cutting edge hockey helmet is the first to feature a 3D printed interior. Crafted with NEST Tech lattice, the Super Tacks X increases breathability, offers premium comfort, and elite protection.
CCM Tacks 910 Helmet
The CCM Tacks 910 helmet is an impressive release. It has a ton of protective tech built into it as you’d expect for a premium level helmet but the first thing you’ll probably notice is how soft the inside foams and liners feel to the touch – and that "feel test" really translates when you put the helmet on and CCM has stats to back up why.
True Dynamic 9 Helmet Review
TRUE’s first entry into the protective category of helmets introduces the Dynamic 9 Pro to us. The Dynamic 9 Pro has some unique features we have not seen in player helmets before. Let’s take a further look at what makes this helmet different from its’ competition.
Bauer Re-Akt 150 Helmet Review
Availability: In Stock - now shipping. We knew the Bauer team had something remarkable up their sleeves when they announced another helmet release only a year after their successful Re-Akt 95 launch. The research and development department assembled some of...