Warrior GT2 Blocker & Trapper Review
The GT2 catcher may be the biggest improvement this year for Warrior. With a bigger pocket, new break angle, HyperComp additions and standard double tee how does it compare to the original GT? Already the lightest blocker on the market, The GT2 looks to improve on performance while keeping the blocker as light as possible. 
Warrior GT2 Blocker & Trapper Review

Written by Jonothan Holloway

Warrior GT2 Trapper

The GT2 catcher may be the biggest improvement this year for Warrior. With a bigger pocket, new break angle, HyperComp additions and standard double tee, this glove has taken what it did right on the GT glove and improved where it needed to on the GT2 catcher.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper

New 75-degree Finger Positioning

The first thing you’ll notice about this glove is not only that it’s more comfortable but also that it is ready to go right away. The new break angle is the same as the G4, but by no means is the glove the same. The redesigned thumb angle makes the glove fit more naturally on the hand.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper

Thumb Positioning

If you stick your hand out – fingers extended and thumb pointing up – you’ll notice that you have to hold your thumb in place to keep it pointing upward. Now let your thumb relax – it will naturally drop to the side. The GT2 catcher is built for this natural, relaxed feeling. A thoughtful modification that can make the world of a difference.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper

Increased Pocket Size

When first checking out the GT2 trapper, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it comes stock with a  double tee. The double tee allows the glove to open up bigger and adds more puck retention. Not only does the double tee help open up the pocket, but the pocket itself is also bigger, the biggest ever released by Warrior to be exact. This was accomplished by trimming the thumb cuff and finger material in areas it is not needed, resulting in a bigger pocket and improving overall puck retention.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper

HyperComp Protection

HyperComp core construction goes into the palm which increases the durability of the glove and helps prevent stingers when catching gloves.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper


The cuff on the new GT2 allows the goalie their full wrist mobility without any restrictions. An open cuff lets the goalie present their glove the way they want to hold it, not forcing you to hold the glove a certain way.

Warrior GT2 Blocker

Already the lightest blocker on the market, The GT2 looks to improve on performance while keeping the blocker as light as possible.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper


Along with the rest of the GT2 line, the blocker is no exception when it comes to HyperComp reinforcement. The blocker contains HyperComp on the face and sidewall to improve stability and send rebounds far away from the net.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper

Bindingless Perimeter

The bindingless perimeter improves the durability of the glove and cuts down on weight. This makes the set look cleaner while also providing some performance improvements.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper

Removable Palm

The palm on the GT2 blocker is still easily adjustable and removable with just a few Velcro straps, this allows you to replace your palm or change its size without having to find somebody to do it for you. While being interchangeable, you may also want to change the position on the blocker board.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper

Finger Protection

The GT2 blocker has contoured finger protection to make sure your fingers are protected, no matter the shot. Using plastic molds and HD foam, you can be confident on any shot knowing you’re protected. The finger protection also has Velcro adjustments to add customizability to how tightly your fingers are connect to the finger protection, giving the choice of mobility.

The side board of the blocker also features ample finger protection, designed to fit the goal stick without any weak spots but also no interference.

Warrior GT2 Blocker Trapper

Custom Options

Warrior offers a fantastic customizer with endless possibilities, easy to use and great designs allow you match your set with your style. Some key custom features available for the glove are pro or practice palm options as well as the choice between 60, 75, or 90-degree finger positioning. The blocker allows you to pick between 4 different palm sizes to make sure your blocker fits your hand perfectly.

Final Thoughts

In my experience with Warrior gear, though some pieces may not look like what you’d expect, the performance is undeniable. Being the lightest gear on the market, it was the first time I truly noticed myself being faster into every save and felt more confident because of it. The glove feels much more natural and comfortable, being ready to use and the massive pocket makes the glove trap the puck with ease.

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