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Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pad Review
The second iteration of the Warrior’s GT line, the GT2 series, is a tweaked version of the original GT gear. No crazy changes, but instead, some key refinements and crossover tech from last year’s G4 launch.  For a second-generation launch this is what we would expect, and overall we’re quite pleased with the changes. 
Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pad Review

Written by Jonothan Holloway

The second iteration of the Warrior’s GT line, the GT2 series, is a tweaked version of the original GT gear. No crazy changes, but instead, some key refinements and crossover tech from last year’s G4 launch. For a second-generation launch this is what we would expect, and overall we’re quite pleased with the changes. Designed to be light and soft, the GT2 maintains unique Warrior feel while also improving the stability of the pad in the butterfly. With the addition of HyperComp in the thigh-rise, the GT2 Pro increases durability and prevents the pad from shrinking over time. A much-needed addition that doesn’t sacrifice the weight or balance of the pad.

The GT2’s tapered boot and improved torsional flex systems combine to improve the attack angle of the pad without losing a perfect seal. Warrior has focused on the playability in a butterfly – and why wouldn’t they? These are the changes we were hoping for. One feature that we were hoping to see was AIRslide tech, but we recognize that not all goalies are ready to adopt the new sliding system. Keeping this as a G4 exclusive provides us with an option to choose which is nice also.

The G4 launch was a massive success in 2018, and in 2019, Warrior is aiming to solidify and grow its market with the GT2 series. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the GT2 line.
Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pads


Warrior has added in their HyperComp, previously used on the G4, to their new GT2 line in order to improve durability. Adapted from the G4, the GT2 has HyperComp in the thighrise, this allows the pad to be flexible and soft while still providing powerful stopping power.  HyperComp technology also allows the pad to remain the lightest on the market while promising incredible added reinforcements to the shape and seal to the ice. A major focus for Warrior is also the HD foam used in the pad and along the face, allowing the pad to keep its form and still perform at an elite level.

Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pads

Tapered Boot

The Warrior GT2 has a tapered boot, allowing goalies to get lower in their stance and providing a better attack angle. Because the boot is tapered, Warrior uses skate laces in the toe bridge to create more tension and pull the boot down to seal the entire pad along the ice.

Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pads

Improved Torsional Flex

One of the main concepts with the GT2 pad was to have an improved torsional flex. This allows the pad to twist below the knee and ankle, allowing the ankle to seal the ice without the thigh rise coming off the ice. This feature promotes a solid seal along the ice and optimal stability.

Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pads

360 Degree ActiveDrop

Also carried over from the G4 series, Warrior has brought their 360-degree ActiveDrop leg channel to the GT2. Rather than your pad staying centred on your leg like most traditional pads on the market, this technology encourages more knee separation. What does this do? It helps cover more of your five hole while in your stance or during sliding transitions. This feature also allows the leg channel to be unrestricted when rotating and not even the bulkiest of knee pads will interfere.

Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pads

Larger Knee Cradle

The knee cradle is bigger and more adjustable on the Ritual GT2 than the previous GT Pro, preventing goalies from missing or falling off their knee cradle as some may have experienced in previous Warrior series. The extended knee cradle and improved adjustability allows goalies to be more stable in their butterfly than ever before. For goalies that prefer a tighter knee cradle, Warrior has added in an adjustable knee flap for a tighter fit.

Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pads

Pad Weight and Strapping

Warrior holds the crown for lightweight pads, without sacrificing material or performance. The pads weighed an average 4.1-4.2 pounds each, with the possibility of achieving under 4 pounds if you decide to not use certain parts such as the knee flap and bootstrap. The strapping on the GT2 also remains the same as the previous model, equipped with regular skate laces on the toe bridge, with the optional active response strapping which provides not only quick and easy set up, but also allows the leg pad to be more reactive. As with previous models, additional strapping and Warrior senior knee pads are included with your set as well as a bonus carrying strap for easy transportation.

While the strapping system remains the same, the 360-degree wrap of the leg channel has been improved. The tighter fit is reminiscent of traditional pads, and some find this more responsive.

Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pads


Warrior has an awesome customizer for the GT2, allowing more options and a more straightforward process than some other brands. The graphic itself on the pad is aesthetically pleasing whether you choose the GT2 design or the GT2 Classic, now allowing the customer to change individual knee roll colours or colour block areas not previously offered on the GT line. An optional leather bootstrap is available at a slight upcharge to help create an even more traditional feel. Come into The Hockey Shop to get started on your set or get some more information.

Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pads

Final Thoughts

To quote Warrior “Tradition elevated” is what the GT series leg pads have always strived for and the GT2 pads are no exception. Warrior doesn’t want to stray from the traditional feel goalies are used to, but rather improve or ‘elevate’ it to perform better without sacrificing the true leg pad feel. With the addition of HyperComp being carried over from the G4, Warrior keeps the GT soft and flexible while still incorporating HyperComp into the thighrise for added stopping power and seal. The torsional flex allows the pad to move more naturally with your leg and seal the ice perfectly and the 360-degree ACTIVEdrop leg channel provides a loose fitting leg channel for the perfect pad rotation every time. Overall, these leg pads look to be an improvement to the previous models without changing the pad too drastically.

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