Bauer Pro Goal Skates Review

A Revolution in Goalie Movement

For the Pro skate, Bauer decided to condense their lineup making a mashup of the best features from the Ultrasonic and 2X Pro all wrapped into one skate. To make this possible, the Pro skate introduces a new fit system similar to that seen on the player skate side of things allowing their new skate to better fit a wider variety of goalies.

Bauer Pro Goal Skates
Bauer Pro Goal Skates

New Fit System

When they made the decision to condense their goal skate lineup into one model, Bauer knew that simply making a D and EE width of the skate would not suffice. In order to create a single line of skates that fits an equal or wider number of people, Bauer brought the Fit 1,2,3 system they have been using in their player skates in recent years into the goal world. Rather than focusing on different widths, the numerical fit system turns the focus on volume. Fit 1 is an all new, low volume option; Fit 2 is medium volume most similar to the D width Ultrasonic skate and Fit 3 is high volume similar to the EE Ultrasonic skate.

Bauer Pro Goal Skates

Quarter Construction

The quarter package on the Pro skates uses the same 3D lasted carbon Curv composite construction combined with StanceFlex Pro technology as seen in the Ultrasonic boot. This makes for a stiff boot giving goalies great energy transfer down through it to the ice creating stronger, more efficient pushes. The StanceFlex Pro technology is a welcomed addition to a stiff boot like that seen on the Pro skate as it allows for superior forward flex than other skates of similar stiffness.

Bauer Pro Goal Skates

Toe Cap

First seen on the Ultrasonic, the Pro skate uses the same slimmed down asymmetrical toe cap that was designed to both reduce weight and give goalies a noticeably better attack angle than that of the already impressive previous generation of cowlingless skates. By allowing you to not have to get your leg up quite as high to get your blade down to the ice, the Pro skate should further reduce the number of slip-outs and inconsistent pushes giving you an edge over the competition.

Bauer Pro Goal Skates


The liner is one area of the Pro that is a significant upgrade over the 2X Pro and even the Ultrasonic skates. The lower portion of the heel and throughout the forefoot uses a Lockfit Pro liner that helps wick moisture away while keeping the goalie’s foot in place throughout the icetime. A new Pro Comfort Liner combined with AeroFoam Pro ankle padding has been added in order to create one of the most comfortable skates out of the box we’ve seen to date.

Bauer Pro Goal Skates


The tongue resembles that of the 2X Pro with a low profile felt construction and a thicker lace bite pad making for a slightly stiffer feel. Along with that same Pro Comfort Liner extending onto the back of the tongue for additional lace bite protection and comfort.

Bauer Pro Goal Skates

Blade & Holder

Bauer stuck with their Vertexx Edge holder and LS5G black steel that’s been featured on their pro level skates over the past couple years. The steel does have one tweak as it now comes standard with what Bauer calls their agility profile which is designed to create a forward pitch to the skate making crease and edgework easier than before.

Bauer Pro Goal Skates


The Bauer Pro skate is fully customizable with an array of custom specs and accent colour options. Bauer’s 3D scanner can either match you up with a skate that will be close to fitting your needs or can be used to create a scan of your foot to which a custom skate can be made. If interested, feel free to ask our goaltending department for more information.

Bauer Pro Goal Skates

Final Thoughts

With a number of upgrades over the Ultrasonic such as a redesigned liner, fit system and tongue, along with an array of custom options; the Bauer Pro skate is a great option for the elite level goaltender looking for one of the most comfortable and best performing skates available to them.

Reviewed By: Cedric Hastings


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