Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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The Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Goal Pads have touched on the traditional feel of the pad while also improving the stability of the pad in the butterfly. With the addition of HyperComp in the thigh rise, a tapered boot and improved torsional flex focuses on the attack angle of the pad without losing a perfect seal, Warrior is solidifying itself in the goalie world.

Warrior has brought their 360-degree ActiveDrop leg channel to the GT2. Rather than your pad staying centered on your leg like most traditional pads on the market, this technology encourages more knee separation, therefore covering more of your five hole while in your stance or during sliding transition.

External Material
Warrior doesn't have any special skin on their GT2 pro pads, just regular gen pro, but don't be fooled, with how light these are as well as the bindingless sliding surface, these slide competitively with the rest of the market.

Internal Construction
The biggest improvement Warrior has added is their HyperComp. Unlike the G4 which has HyperComp throughout the entire pad, creating a stiff and hard faced pad, the GT2 only has HyperComp in the thigh-rise, this allows the pad to be flexible and soft without worrying about the pad shrinking or becoming too soft. HyperComp technology also allows the pad to remain the lightest on the market while also promising incredible stopping power and seal to the ice.

Pad Break
One of the main focuses for Warrior when designing the GT2 was an improved torsional flex, promising a perfect seal when in the butterfly. The GT2 leg pads consist of torsional flex points just below the knee and in the ankle to compensate for the toe taper.

Boot Angle
The Warrior GT2 has a soft, 60-degree boot to create a more reactive feeling. This benefits the user by being in sync with each movement and reducing any restriction when moving.

Knee Cradle
The knee cradle is bigger and more adjustable on the Ritual GT2, preventing goalies from missing or falling off their knee cradle, allowing goalies to be more stable in their butterfly than ever before. For goalies that prefer a tighter knee cradle, Warrior has added in an adjustable knee flap for a tighter fit.

Knee & Thigh Protection
Each set of Warrior GT2 pro pads come with Warrior GT knee pads as an added bonus.

The strapping remains the same as the original GT with an adjustable knee/upper calf strap, one main calf strap and the active response boot strap. The GT2’s are equipped with lace in the toe bridge, creating higher tension to engage the torsional flex of the pad and achieve a perfect seal when in the butterfly. An active response toe strap is included with purchase. A leather boot strap is available at an additional cost to truly accomplish a more traditional feel.

Toe Taper
The GT2 pads have a tapered toe to increase the attack angle, as mentioned above, Warrior relies on regular lace to compensate for the toe taper and accomplish a full seal along the ice.

Sizes & Colors
Warrior sizing can be a little different than other brands, pro sizes begin at 32 +1.5 inches. Warrior has an impressive customizer for the GT2, allowing more options and an easier process than some other brands. The graphic itself on the pad is aesthetically pleasing whether you choose the GT2 design or the GT2 Classic, now allowing the customer to change individual knee roll colors or color block areas not previously offered on the GT line.