Pro Lace Armour Toe Strap

Pro Lace Armour Toe Strap

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Pro Laces are a new innovation in goalie laces and equipment. Developed in Quebec by goalies for goalies, these laces move away from traditional forms to a bungee-style elastic, easy five-minute installation, and durable velcro straps. The biggest characteristics of the Pro Laces are that they are built to last and significantly reduce stress on the ankles and knees. On the Armor version, the elastic laces are also covered with skate lace-designed coverings to protect them from early wear and tear.

Bungee-style Elastic
The laces are made of a very durable elastic that acts similar to a bungee cord. If you are used to more traditional toe laces, you will likely notice the differences right away. The bungee effect allows the pads quite a bit of extra movement when doing certain maneuvers, such as Butterflies and RVHs. It also causes the pads to snap back in place when recovering. General ankle and knee strain usually caused during the maneuver and recovery stages is soundly reduced, helping you play longer while lowering fatigue and injury risk.

You have a couple options for installing the Pro Laces onto your pads. The package comes with four screws, which will require a Phillips head screwdriver. Alternatively, you can tie the main leather piece on with waxed laces instead. The package itself comes with an illustrated guide for installing the laces.

  1. To start, take out your current laces and make sure the pads are ready for the installation.
  2. Fold the leather piece of the laces in half.
  3. With a Phillips screwdriver and the included hardware, screw the leather piece onto the front of the toe bridge. If installing with laces, you can take the small metal pieces that are already on the leather out to ensure they don’t rip the laces. Use waxed laces so they don’t wear down as easily on the ice. When securing the laces on the pads, make sure they are tight and stable.
  4. Once you are ready to use the Pro Laces for a game or practice, pull the cord through the centre of the skate. Then, velcro the pieces together on top of your laces. Make sure they are secure and comfortably tight, so the bungee property can go into effect.
  5. If you don’t think the laces are tight enough, you can criss-cross the laces before pushing them through the centre of the skate.
Like with any new equipment, make sure to give yourself ample time to fit and practice with the laces before use in a game. Pro Laces are sold as a pair and are compatible with most goalie pads.