Pad Skinz - Small

Pad Skinz - Small

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PadSkinz are sheets of a very thin leather-like material with a special adhesive backing that looks very similar to jenpro (goal pad / glove material), to be used on your leg pads, blocker or glove to change the colour of accents, stripes or areas of your goal equipment where you want the colour changed. PadSkinz are the lightest, most flexible and easy to use product on the market! The last thing you want is a product that is going to add weight to your equipment and slow you down by a half second or more. As we all know, a half a second can make a huge difference when it comes to saving the puck!

PadSkinz are removable but strong! In general, you should expect to get approx 2-3 seasons of play. This is a general assumption approximation. It really depends how often you play and how much the PadSkinz material rubs on the ice. The special adhesive Pad Skinz use will latch onto your pads so they don't curl or peel. However, it's a flexible adhesive that will bend and stretch, as your pad does. The best part is that PadSkinz are NOT permanent. They can be removed but it will require time and effort to remove fully. Remember, you're not buying the product so that it will come off easily, you're buying it because it stays on. Going through the removal process however, will allow you to return the equipment to its original colours or apply new PadSkinz colours.