CCM Tacks Vector Plus Junior Hockey Pants
CCM Tacks Vector Plus Junior Hockey Pants
CCM Tacks Vector Plus Junior Hockey Pants

CCM Tacks Vector Plus Junior Hockey Pants

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The Tacks Vector Plus hockey pants are a Source for Sports exclusive pad from CCM for the 2022 season. These pants combine a lower-end model with higher-end features and technology to offer you pro-level protection and performance at a more affordable price point. Features on the Vector Plus include PE foam-reinforced JDP caps, a compress-molded EVA foam spine, and a premium 400D nylon shell.

External Materials
The shell is made of 400D nylon with abrasion-resistant panels over the front, sides, and back. 400D nylon is a tough nylon weave that is also featured on the AS-V Pro at the highest price point, so you know you are getting some of the best material CCM provides for hockey protective gear. 

Thigh Protection
The thigh area is protected with the use of JDP caps reinforced with PE foam to disperse force away from the point of impact. The PE foam helps further cushion your leg, keeping you comfortable in your gear while you play.

Hip Protection
Like the thighs, the hips are also protected with JDP caps and PE foam.

Spine Protection
The pants are equipped with a compress-molded EVA foam spine protector for superior protection and coverage.

Kidney Protection
Similar to the AS-V Pro at the highest price point, the molded PE caps in the Vector Plus provide elite-level protection for the kidneys. The caps’ molded framework and sublimated comfort liner add some softness to the kidney area, effectively making them much more pleasant to play hockey in.

Belt/Lace Closure
The Vector Plus pants use both a hockey lace closure and a padded external belt system to help you get the perfect fit around your waist.

Leg Zippers
The pants have a 1” length adjustment zipper, as well as inner leg zippers to help you further improve the leg fit and size.

Sizes & Colors
The CCM Tacks Vector Plus Junior Hockey Pants come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

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Belt/Lace ClosurePadded External Belt
Skate Lace Closure
Source for Sports Exclusive
External MaterialPro Cut w/Premium 400D Nylon
Hip ProtectionJDP Hip Caps
Molded PE Cap
Kidney ProtectionMolded PE Cap
LinerSublimated Liner
Leg Zippers1” Extension Zipper
Inner Leg Zipper
SizesS - L
Spine ProtectionCompress-Molded EVA Foam Spine Protector
Tailbone ProtectionInterior Tail Pad
Thigh ProtectionJDP Cap Reinforced w/PE Foam
Warranty90 Days

CCM Hockey Player Pants Sizing Chart

Hockey Player Pant Sizing Information

When sizing for player pants, preference will largely determine how loose the waist of the pants fit. Your pants should fit comfortably around you, and most people like the waist to fit snug, but not too tight. A pant should fit so the belt is sitting right above your hips and around your waist.

Pants come equipped with at least one belt or fastening system to help them secure to your waist. You want to make sure that they are comfortable but not too loose so that they shift or fall down as you move or skate.

You may choose to use suspenders to help hold the pant up, however they are not required by any means. Most pants will come with suspender “buttons” to fasten to, but make sure you double check with the model you are interested in to make sure. Suspenders can be helpful when you are fitting growing to allow for growth room as it will allow you additional length, without having to keep a tight waist. Pants are also available in “Long” or “Tall” versions which offer 1” additional length without having to move up a waist size.

Fitting for Growth Room:
To fit a pant for growth room, make sure the pant fits securely around the waist, and the belt of the pant is sitting just above the hip bones. You want the pant to come down as far as possible however if it is fit too big, it will interfere with the shin pads and restrict movement. As a general rule, a pant with growth room should be in line with the bottom of the knee cap when standing straight legged and fastened at the waist. When you bend your knees and move into a ‘hockey stance’ the pant should slide up the knee and end up around the middle of the knee cap. A pant is too small once it does not reach the top of knee cap, standing straight legged.

Fitting for True Size:
To fit a pant true to size, make sure the pant fits securely around the waist, and the belt of the pant is sitting just above the hip bones. You want the pants to be long enough so they protect your thighs but not too long so that they interfere with your shin pads. We recommend a pant to fit between the middle and top of the knee cap, when you are standing straight legged. When you bend your knees and move into a ‘hockey stance’ the pant should slide up to fall in line with the top of your shin pads.

When viewing sizing online, most Pants will be offered in Small, Medium and Large and Extra-Large. Sizing charts are provided and on each product to double check where you line up and as well list all the sizes available. These charts are for reference only and personal preference is a factor as well when looking for the best fit. Protection levels will vary depending on the model you choose. As a general rule, the higher price points will offer more hip, kidney and tailbone protection without too much bulk. You can get a good quality pant at a lower price point but the fit, protection or movement of the pant may be somewhat compromised

Compare your height weight and age and waist size to the charts provided to find your best fit. If you are looking at a “Tall” version of a pant, the waist size on the chart will be accurate, however the length will represent that of the next size bigger.

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