Bauer Profile 940X Junior Goalie Mask - White

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Bauer Profile 940X Goal Mask Sizing Chart
Mask Model/SizeHat Size                               Circumference
Senior 7 – 7½ 22” – 23.4”
Junior 6½ - 7⅛ 20.8” – 22.4”

Goalie Mask Sizing

When purchasing a new goalie mask, you are purchasing your single most important piece of equipment and it needs to fit properly. Even wearing an entry-level mask that fits properly protects your head better than one that is superior in structure, but ill-fitting. Unlike most pieces of equipment, it is uncommon to size for a mask that has growing room, as a) it sacrifices protection in the short run, and b) the materials inside the mask will compress and increase volume within the mask, over time.

Sizing Before Purchase

Sizing up for your mask can either be done measuring your head circumference. To measure your head circumference, you’ll need to do the following:

    1. First, you will need a soft measuring tape, and a helper.
    2. Have your helper place the soft measuring tape roughly 1” above your eyebrows, and measure horizontally around your skull. Naturally, a horizontal measurement around your skull follows where the bottom of a hat would sit on your head.
    3. Once you have this measurement, match it up with our provided sizing charts.

If you are purchasing a Bauer mask, they use both head circumferences and/or hat sizes. If you match up your hat size with their mask sizing chart, you’ll need:

    • A properly sized fitted hat. You cannot use adjustable, bucket, stretch fitted, etc. style hats.
    • Make sure your fitted hat is not tight on your head, or too big; you want the hat to be easy to put on, and fit accurately.

Sizing after Purchase

There are four things you will need to check once you have received your new mask:

    1. The top edge of the mask opening is roughly 1” above your eyebrows, and the sweatband inside the mask sits directly on your forehead (there is no space between the mask and your forehead).
    2. The backplate of the mask hugs the back of your head and its edges do not extend past the edges of the mask shell. You want to reduce the possibility for gaps exposing the back of your head, and to ensure your head is secure in the mask. However, if all four fit requirements are met, concerning fit, then the backplate extended slightly past the mask’s edges is not a major concern.
    3. Tighten the chin cup so it is worn securely, yet comfortably, against your chin and prevents the mask from shifting on your head.
    4. The mask is snug around your temples and/or cheeks, such that there are little-to-no visible gaps on each side of your face, and prevents the mask shifting laterally while on.

Once you have finished checking these requirements, you can make sure of your fit by testing the movement of the mask while on your head. Grabbing the cage, shake the mask back and forth—if the your head moves with the mask, rather than the mask moving around your head, you’ve got a great fit! Lastly, check the fit of the mask every few months (or even when you get a haircut) because the foams will compress with usage. If the mask is feeling looser than usual, tighten the harness accordingly. Also, check your cage’s security by trying to shake it, as constant movement and shots to the mask can loosen the screws holding the cage.

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