Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates
Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates

Bauer Konekt Senior Goalie Skates

To ensure a perfect fit, all Konekt skates will be sold in-store. Contact us to book an appointment with our goalie experts.

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Based majorly on the highest-end ski boots, the KONEKT goalie skates look to take the goalie skate to a whole other level. These skates feature a thermoformable Grilamid shell, PushPlate interior, a Hingeflex cuff, and an Ultralon foam liner, all focused on making a skate with the same “connection” goals as elite ski boots.

Skate Fit Profile
The KONEKT is designed to form fit around your foot, so all parts are thermoformable from the boot to the liner. It is important to note that the skates are much stiffer than standard skates and include various buckles that can be difficult to fit and form when wearing the skate for the first time. The thermoforming process also involves multiple steps and requires very specific fitting on the buckles and punch-outs in the liner. For these reasons, sizing and thermoforming is required to be done in-store or with a professional.

Boot Construction/Stiffness/Level of Play
These skates are tailored for the elite player, hence the use of high-tech material and technologies in the boot. Grilamid is very stiff but known for its thermoformability and performance-enhancing behaviour in cold weather, which means it can give you unrivalled protection while also providing impressive support and push on the ice. Bauer also added a PushPlate interior for more improved skate power.

Liner/Internal Padding
The KONEKT skates use an Ultralon EVA foam liner along the inside. This foam has amazing shock absorption capabilities, and it is also thermoformable. Ultralon foam does not hold odour well, which means it will help keep your feet feeling fresher for longer as you play. The liner is fully removable, so you can pull it out and run it through the wash or replace it entirely as needed. The Hockey Shop offers KONEKT replacement liners.

Holders & Steel
The KONEKT skates use a Vertexx Edge holder with an LS Pulse Stainless Steel 3mm runner. Vertexx Edge features a trigger in the back for easy installation of a new runner as needed. The LS Pulse runner is a bit taller for a better attack angle and has been coated with a high polish mirror finish. Make sure to research your honing stone (if using) to make sure it is compatible with mirror finishes before use.

Unlike conventional skates, the Bauer KONEKT uses straps, cuffs, and buckles, similar to ski boots. Grilamid is well-known in the skiing world for its rigidity, which is where HingeFlex comes in. HingeFlex is the upper shell cuff of the boot that moves with your ankle when you move. HingeFlex ultimately makes the skate 22% more flexible in the ankle area. The two buckles at the ankles and toe of the foot are built to lock your foot in in a snap, making it quicker and easier than ever to get ready for the game.

Bauer has been sticking with a black and green colouration for their goalie skates recently, and there is no exception with the Bauer KONEKT skates. The outside edge and heel adorn the Bauer text logo, with their new image logo appearing on the heel. The name KONEKT sits along the HingeFlex cuff with green accents, and the Ultralon liner is also in green.

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Quarter Package3D Lasted Carbon Curv Composite
STANCEFLEX Pro Technology
LinerThermoformable Ultralon Foam
Internal PaddingThermoformable Ultralon Foam
TongueThermofoam w/Grooved Overlay
InsolesThermoformable Ultralon Foam
Heat MoldableYes
Holder/CowlingVertexx Edge Holder
SteelLS Pulse Stainless Steel 3mm
Holder/Steel Warranty1 Year
Boot Warranty90 Days
Sizes7 - 13 (Full Sizes Only)
Regular Width
Bauer Senior Goalie Skates Sizing Chart
7 8.5 42 7.5 26
7.5 9 42.5 8 26.4
8 9.5 43 8.5 26.8
8.5 10 44 9 27.2
9 10.5 44.5 9.5 27.7
9.5 11 45 10 28.1
10 11.5 45.5 10.5 28.5
10.5 12 46 11 28.9
11 12.5 47 11.5 29.4
11.5 13 47.5 12 29.8
12 13.5 48 12.5 30.2
12.5 14 48.5 13 30.6

Hockey Goalie Skate Sizing Guide

    Things to consider:
  • Age
  • Measurement from longest point of foot (cm)

When sizing for the correct size of a skate, we always advise taking the measurements below from a sitting position and not standing upright. Additional weight on your foot/feet can skew your result and misrepresent your foot size. The reason for this is that as you put your full weight on your feet, the arch of your foot will collapse and cause your foot to appear wider or longer than it actually is.

As well, please be aware that skate sizes and shoes sizing do not match exactly. As a general guideline, skates size 1 ½ sizes smaller than shoes.

It is ideal for a player to have a tight, snug fit both in length and width as this will provide the best performance and durability. If a skate is too big you will feel your feet slide around and you will not get the full performance out of the skates and can also develop calcium deposits - Haglund’s Deformity or “Bauer Bumps” for lack of a better term although this issue doesn’t only occur with Bauer models.

An Ideal Fit:
Stand with your skates laced and your heel snug in the heel cup. Your toes should just barely feather the end of the toe box. Bend forward into a skating stance. Your toes should pull back slightly from the toe box. Once heat fit, your foot should slide back into the foams of the skate and the length you felt in your skating stance will more-or-less become you standing size.

To obtain the measurement above you will need a soft tape measure and a pen. Start by placing the tape measure flat along the ground in a straight line. Sitting in a chair, place your foot down with the longest point of your foot (usually big toe, or second toe) in line with the edge of the tape measure. Make sure you keep your weight off of your foot. Take a pen and mark the tape measure where the edge of your heel ends. Record this length in cm. This measurement will correspond with the sizing charts in each brand below, if you do not see your exact measurement, select the size with the next size increment above your measurement (i.e. you measure 24.9 cm, you would select 25.1 cm or Size 6).

Sizing Children for Growth Room:
If you are purchasing skates for your child, it is common and usually recommended to add some additional room in the skate to increase the last, we recommend no more than 1 full size. Feet stop growing around ages 15 – 15 ½, and from ages 14 - 15 ½ we would recommend adding only half (1/2) a size in length. Follow the same measurement instructions as above, once you obtain your true size move up ½ or 1 size.

***Sizing of skates is very preference based and these measurements will not guarantee a fit that is right for you. Please use these as general guidelines, for the most accurate fit we always recommend getting measured by a professional skate fitter at our store or your local pro shop.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John (Lake Stevens, US)
Great skates

I have used the skates a few times and there is a little bit of a curve to using them as you get more of your edge on the ice when forward in the skate. Once I figured that piece out, I have less stress on my hips (I’m 45 so that means more to me than most goalies) as well as my knees. The common gripe I’ve see about feet being uncomfortable I haven’t experienced. I keep the bottom of the skate loose and the tip above the ankle tighter. I’ve taken shots off the boot and it’s a little better than my previous Bauer skates with cowlings.

Overall best goalies skates I’ve purchased.

Martin Paradis
Fantastic skates

While I didn't buy them from here (we're on the east coast...) I wanted to share my son's experience with these skates after a month of almost daily use.

Long story short, he loves them. he found that he has a much better grab on the ice when doing power pushes, he can get into a much more agressive stance when the puck is close to the net and he founds that his hips feel much better after a game or practice.

There are a few little things that are good to know about the fit of these skates.
-First, it does take 2-3 times on the ice to get used to them. the back to front flexibility is a bit strange at first so give yourself some time to get used to it.
-Second, don't be afraid to go back and have them remolded if you feel a couple sore spots after 2-3 skates. When you mold them the first time, before you go on the ice, the will feel very comfortable, but using them you may feel some inconfort in some spots. For my son, we went back after 3 skates and had them remolded but with a special shim at a certain point of pressure this time. It absolutely fixed the issue and now my son says these are the most comfortable skates he ever had.
-Third the bottom clip needs to be just tight enough to lock your heel in place in the skate and make sure your foot doesn't move, but not so tight as to feel too much pressure.
-Finally, work your way up when tightening the clips, exactly like you would do with a ski boot. So start loose, then gradually tighter until you reach the correct tightness.

All in all, they're great skate and my son loves them.

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