Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper and SLR Blocker Review

Written by: Jono Holloway

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Extra-wide Pocket

The trapper on the Vaughn SLR2 glove boasts an extra-wide pocket as well as added depth due to the extended T-bar, making it easier to catch and keep the puck without as many pop-outs. The slimmed down T-bar also promotes more puck retention due to more lacing as well as creating an easier closing glove.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Shock Shield Palm Padding

The palm of the glove consists of shock shield padding to reduced “stingers” to the palm, while using this glove I didn’t experience any shots that stung my palm, though I would like to see how effective this padding would be after a season or two to really get a feel for the shock shield.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

To promote longevity of the glove as well as added protection without adding weight, the T-web top, palm, thumb and front cuff are also reinforced by moulded carbon fibre. This allows the glove to maintain its form longer as well as protects the most high impact and high wear areas to leave you protected.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Reinforced Fingertips

The fingertips have been beefed up with carbon fibre to protect your fingers and maintain the gloves form. The finger area on the exterior of the palm also is designed to be a deflecting rail, allowing any pucks that you only get a piece of to be deflected away from the net.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Flared Back Cuff and Large Solid Thumb

The SLR2 has a flared back cuff for added wrist movement. The new solid thumb has been introduced to promote more net coverage and more of a finger close style of glove.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper


The internal of the SLR2 glove consists of a Neoprene flex inner hand for added comfort and control to the glove. The glove is also lined with a sure-grip like material that Vaughn calls “positive grip” that promotes better overall control of the glove and prevents your hand from slipping late in the game.

SLR2 and SLR2-ST

The SLR2 glove, similarly to the VE8 glove has two stock options. The SLR2 glove is a two-piece glove preferred by goalies who prefer more flex in the wrist. A nice benefit for goalies who like playing the puck. The SLR2-ST glove features a one-piece cuff for goalies who like the newer style of gloves; this helps keep a more solid feeling to the glove do to it all being one piece rather than having a join that can hinge forward or backwards when impacted.

We’ll be carrying the SLR2-ST glove as we’re believers in the one-piece design, but the SLR2 standard option is always available as a custom order.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Heat Moldable

Most gloves we sell can be heated up to soften up the plastic and speed up the break-in process, when buying the SLR2 glove, heating the glove doesn’t only begin the break-in process, but just like a skate, the glove will mould to your hand providing the perfect fit and control.

Vaughn SLR Blocker

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Vaughn keeps the blocker pretty similar to the original SLR blocker, using High-Density foam as well as a full carbon fibre insert, this blocker is designed to deflect pucks far from the net and give out controlled rebounds.

The side shield is more significant than that of the LT98, and the fingers and side shield both consists of carbon fibre reinforcement giving added protection to the areas in contact with the stick.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

Vaughn keeps the blocker angle less aggressive, similar to its predecessor allowing the blocker to be slightly longer. As goalies become more advanced and technical, an aggressive blocker angle isn’t as necessary.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper


The palm of the blocker has forgone the grip surface on the index finger and chose to use the VX suede palm with anti-microbial treatment for the four fingers while maintaining the grip material on the palm and thumb for stick control. Removing the grip from some of the fingers allows more mobility and control as well as creates a “trigger” index finger without an inner seam giving more feel to the blocker.

Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper

The pillow on the blocker remains big to absorb the impact of the puck and therefore protect your hand.

The blocker also consists of quick-slide technology on the front binding, in theory, allowing the blocker to slide easily along the ice when you have your paddle down.

Final Thoughts

While we saw major changes in the leg pads, the trapper and blocker remain pretty consistent with the previous model, allowing those who use Vaughn and more specifically SLR to be more comfortable in their fresh gear. Vaughn is known for their premium quality trappers, which are also semi-broken in at the factory, giving them a great feel right off the shelf. As far as the blocker, Vaughn didn’t need to change much after the success they had with the original SLR. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this pair of gloves, be sure to take a look next time you’re at the shop!

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