Goalie Gear Reviews

Brian's Optik 2 Pro Leg Pad Review
After the success of the original Optik series from 2017, this year Brian’s improves on much loved features while also borrowing technology from their recent G-Netik 4 pads. Sticking with Opti-slide technology, introducing a new stiffness and strapping, and the addition of Brian’s smart cord toe system, this pad brings all the best into one package.
Brian's Optik 2 Pro Trapper/Blocker Review
Read our review of Brian's Optik 2 Pro trapper and blocker. If you were a fan of the original Optik, find out what changed and what makes the new series a must upgrade.
It was great day to be a goalie. You know what I mean if you were able to join us for this year’s TendyFest 4 event on May 26th. All the best goalie brands in the game brought their A-games...
Warrior GT2 Pro Chest Protector Review
To round out Warriors GT2 line comes the new and improved GT2 pro chest protector, with added protection, new materials and tapered pieces to reduce interference. Just to be clear, I think the GT was already one of the best chests on the market in 2017 without many improvements to be made, but Warrior made sure to only touch on small details that will benefit the user.
CCM E4.9 Blocker and Trapper Review
CCM makes minor improvements to their mitts to round out the new Eflex 4 line and trickling down to the E4.9 and E4.5.
Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pant Review
The Warrior Ritual X2 pro goal pants touch on areas that needed improvement without changing the pants too much from their predecessor.
CCM E4.9 & E4.5 Leg Pad Review
CCM has released the 4th Extreme Flex pad series, with the new E4.9 as their performance pad and the new E4.5 for recreational goalies. The new pad brings incredible improvements, increasing the competition in the performance pad market. With Velcro strapping, Speedskin and their new flexible toe string system, the E4.9 and E4.5 aren’t here to disappoint
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goal Pant Review
If it's not broke don't fix it, that's what they say right? Well that's just what Bauer has done with the 2X Pro pant. The 1X was a great pant but there were still some areas that could be upgraded so instead of redesigning the pant, they made those keys upgrades while, remaining much the same.
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Chest Protector Review
Just like the leg pads, trapper and blocker the Bauer 2X Pro chest has seen a complete makeover, so they can truly become a reactive line of gear. After getting some time to play around with the chest and see what it's all about, I think the 2X Pro chest is going to one of the best hitting the market this year.
Warrior Ritual V1 Goal Sticks Review
New for 2019 from Warrior is the Ritual V1 line. The V1 line is the successor to the popular CR line, and in it, we see some new technology and materials to boost performance. This year Warrior will be expanding to four different price points, the V1 Pro+, the V1 Pro, the V1 Sr+, and the V1 Sr.
Brians Optik 9.0 Review
A year and a half since the release of the Optik pro series, Brian’s has finally brought the performance version of the leg pad to stores at a more affordable price. After the success of the Optik pro series line, it’s always exciting seeing new mid-tier pads from Brian’s.
Warrior GT2 Blocker & Trapper Review
The GT2 catcher may be the biggest improvement this year for Warrior. With a bigger pocket, new break angle, HyperComp additions and standard double tee how does it compare to the original GT? Already the lightest blocker on the market, The GT2 looks to improve on performance while keeping the blocker as light as possible. 
Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pad Review
The second iteration of the Warrior’s GT line, the GT2 series, is a tweaked version of the original GT gear. No crazy changes, but instead, some key refinements and crossover tech from last year’s G4 launch.  For a second-generation launch this is what we would expect, and overall we’re quite pleased with the changes. 
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads Review
After the success of the 2S leg pads solidified Bauer's new age style of pads on the market, the 2X Pro is here. While the main feature of the leg pad remains consistent, the 2X Pro leg pad brings all new improvements to the Vapor line. 
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Catcher & Blocker
The 2X Pro trapper makes it clear that Bauer is looking to not only improve their pads, but rather the whole set. Staying with a one piece glove and 60-degree break angle, this glove is comfortable to use right off the shelf.
Vaughn SLR2 Pro Carbon Leg Pad Review
New for 2019, the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 series is looking to shake things up for Vaughn. Most view Vaughn as a master of classic goalie design, and the latest Ventus line has some innovative design features that step away from that traditional philosophy. The Velocity line by Vaughn has always been their bread and butter, but we were super impressed by the SLR line in 2017, and even more so now with the SLR2 line. I was able to test these out wanted to share my thoughts. Let’s get into the details. 
Vaughn SLR2-ST Trapper and SLR Blocker Review
Vaughn is known for their premium quality trappers, which are also semi-broken in at the factory, giving them a great feel right off the shelf. As far as the blocker, Vaughn didn’t need to change much after the success they had with the original SLR. Check out some of the subtle changes of this great set. 
CCM Extreme Flex 4 Leg Pads Review
New for 2019, CCM introduces the fourth rendition of the Extreme Flex line – the E-Flex 4 goal series. After years of success, the latest E-Flex 4 leg pad brings a fresh update to some key areas.
CCM Extreme Flex 4 Trapper & Blocker Review
Since the inception of the Extreme Flex line almost six years ago, the gloves have been an integral part of the overall popularity and success of the line. I got to spend some time in both the E-Flex 4 trapper and blocker before it’s initial release. Here’s what’s new and what I thought!
CCM E-Flex 4 Goalie Stick Review
What if you could have a lightweight composite stick, with the puck feel and soft flex profile of a wood stick? CCM asked the same question, and the result is the 2019 CCM E-Flex 4 Composite Goal Stick. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one for some testing, and I was incredibly impressed.
2019 CCM Jetspeed FT2 Goal Skates Review
The most revolutionary goalie skates CCM has ever produced are making their way to the market in 2019. The main features consist of a one-piece boot as well as a new quick release holder and a dramatic decrease in weight, making these the lightest goal skates ever produced by CCM