Brian's G-Netik 4 Trapper and Blocker Review
We took the new Brian's G-NETik 4 gear on ice and were totally blown away.
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Brian's G-Netik 4 Trapper and Blocker Review

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Brians has done it again! Brian’s has always been ahead of the curve in goaltending innovation, quality and customizability. This time around, it’s all about the new G-NETik 4 Pro Trapper and Blocker, taking innovative ideas and executing them on a pro level but we’ll dive deeper into that later on.

Brian's G-Netik 4 Catcher


The G-NETik 4 glove has the wow factor. Brian’s is known for their outstanding gloves and how easy they are to use off the shelf, some of that is credited to a machine that breaks in each and every catcher in the factory. Beyond that, the G-NETik 4 brings back the Nash palm and introduces the BOA system to this line.

2018 Brians G-Netik 4 Catcher


Probably the most exciting feature Brian’s has introduced is the new BOA system, first seen on the Optik gloves. This feature allows for an easy turn-to-tighten strapping, so easy you can adjust within seconds at any time. The catcher sports two BOA systems, one for the wrist and one for the back of your hand, as well as their position has also been tweaked to make the system work better with the mechanics of the hand. This allows for the optimal fit to your exact preferences without the glove becoming loose during play, it also eliminates the sloppy look of multiple straps hanging off your glove.

gnetik 4 trapper


Brian’s keeps Hex-Air technology in this glove around the cuff similar to the previous models. This technology allows for increased air flow and comfort, along with being attached to the BOA creating a snug wrap around your wrist.

Brian's G-Netik 4 Trapper

Glove break and angle

The break on this catcher is the best part, as it comes practically broken in already. You could probably use it the same night in a game 7 situation because it comes ready for action. The G-NETik 4 trapper also boasts a true 1-piece cuff in order to present more surface area to the shooter and in turn make the glove appear bigger. The stock angle on this glove is a 35 degree break angle making it seamless to open and close while maintaining a perfect seal.

Brian's G-Netik 4 Trapper


The palm of the G-NETik 4 brings back something not seen since the G-NETik 2 trapper and forgotten about on the G-NETik 3 glove. The addition of Nash to the front face of the palm serves a unique purpose not seen on other brands. The idea of this addition is to slow the spin of the puck on contact and grip the puck, both ideas resulting in less pop-outs and more catches.

Brian's G-Netik 4 Trapper

E-Foam - Redesigned Closure

The glove closure has been entirely redesigned, focusing not on the front but rather the back of the glove. The newly designed backside helps enhance closure and allows the back of the glove to work in unison with the frontside. The G-NETik 4 catcher comes with E-foam, Brians pro level, lightweight foam used in all of Brian’s pro level gear. This foam is designed to be very lightweight while still maintaining shape, stiffness and performance. With E-foam, this gives the glove a lightweight feel by also improving overall balance of the glove.

Brian's G-Netik 4 Catcher

Double T

The double T on the G-NETik 4 creates a massive pocket and opens up your glove to be presented as big as possible. Brians kept with this style in order to maximize the number of pucks caught and less pop-outs. If you are a die-hard single T person, you can always order a custom glove through Brians.

Final Thoughts

This is the best glove I have ever used out of the box. It was love at first sight with how easy it closes without having to be broken in, I could buy and play with this glove an hour later without even a second thought. Being already accustomed to double T gloves, I love the deep pocket in this glove created by the double T. I was also excited to see Brians bring back the Nash face on the glove, after using the G-NETik 1 glove with it, this brought back great memories and did help me hold onto the puck and direct it into the pocket. Another great feature is the BOA system on the glove, being somebody that never adjusted my glove tightness or straps, this is the first time I’ve tried it since it’s so easy to adjust. This is now 100% my glove of choice and I’m excited to try it out again.

Brian's G-Netik 4 Blocker


The new G-NETik 4 blocker also comes equipped with Brians revolutionary BOA system. There is one BOA system on the blocker, around the wrist enabling quick and easy adjustments no matter what moment of the game it is. The BOA has also been moved slightly to be more on the wrist rather than its previous location on the lower palm seen on the Optik Series.

Brian's G-Netik 4 Blocker


The added layer of Digitech creates extra grip and a thicker material between the hand and the stick adding comfort as well as durability

Brian's G-Netik 4 Blocker

Wrist Strap/Cuff

The wrist strap on the G-NETik 4 blocker is redesigned to protect the BOA while still maintaining an easy to adjust style. The cuff on the Blocker also allows for maximum mobility, resulting in not only comfort but also performance. Without any restriction on the cuff, this will help you react quick into the save and remain comfortable.

Brian's G-Netik 4 Blocker

E-Foam / HD Blocker Face

The HD blocker face and internal E-foam creates a light, balanced blocker in order to react to the save.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always found that blockers are pretty similar across the board. That being said, the G-NETik 4 blocker has great balance because of the E-foam and it remains super light and able to react into the save. I also really appreciated the mobility the blocker allows in the cuff. The rebounds off the blocker get sent to the corners just how you’d expect. The BOA is in a much better position that the Optiks, I actually tighten it onto my wrist and liked it compared to the Optik where the BOA lined up with my lower palm.

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