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Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads Review
After the success of the 2S leg pads solidified Bauer's new age style of pads on the market, the 2X Pro is here. While the main feature of the leg pad remains consistent, the 2X Pro leg pad brings all new improvements to the Vapor line. 
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads Review

Written by: Jono Hollway

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads

After the success of the 2S leg pads solidified Bauer's new age style of pads on the market, the 2X Pro is here. While the main feature of the leg pad remains consistent, the 2X Pro leg pad brings all new improvements to the Vapor line. From a redesigned glove to a softer flex profile on the pads, these highly anticipated pads are going to be an industry leader going into the 2019 season.

Bauer 2X Pro Leg Pads

C.O.R.Tech Skin Technology

The pad has been wrapped with an all new redesigned C.O.R.Tech ST skin. If you haven’t heard much about this skin technology by Bauer, feel free to check out the Bauer 2S review for the full detail on this skin.

The upgraded C.O.R.Tech ST skin on the 2X pads does not only benefit how the pad slides along the ice, but also how well the rebounds pop off the pad and the new ST stands for Super Tough, improving on some durability issues found in the 1S and 1X pads. This skin is made of many layers allowing it to perform with consistency and minimal weight. This skin has already proven itself on the 2S Pro pads and seems to be a mainstay for Bauer gear.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads

Bindingless Sliding Surface

Bauer uses a harder sliding surface once again in this pad to promote a fast and efficient slide. This combined with the Cortech ST allows the effortless slide that Bauer has come to be known for. The bindingless surface is also great to reduce drag and wear on the pad, keeping it in the best shape and performance possible.

Bauer 2X Pro Leg Pads

Dynamic Flex Core

Bauer has changed the core on the new 2X pads to be softer by using Dynamic Flex Core rather than the Tapered flex core used on the 1X pads. This allows the pad to be much more reactive and add more separation between itself and the Supreme line. Though the core may be softer, the pad still has a flat face to allow harder and bigger rebounds.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads

Curve Composite

The 2X Pro pad still consists of Curve Composite in the thigh rise to reduce the amount the pad softens up. This feature allows the pad to keep its form over a long period of time even while being a softer flex pad.

Bauer 2X Pro Leg Pads

Thermo Core

Bauer has also left their 37.5 breathable technology in the past and changed the lining and transfer mesh of this pad to Thermo Core. This core allows breathability along with a cool feel to it as it stays a lower temperature keeping you from over heating while you’re on the ice.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads


Quattro Pro is used by Bauer typically in their player gloves and blockers. This material is included in the knee stack, being engineered with a sanitized odor resistant treatment that keeps the material clean. The Quattro Pro material fights against bacterial and fungal growth to keep the gear cleaner and in better condition.

Bauer 2X Pro Leg Pads

Elastic in Boot Channel

The 2X Pro leg pads have added in a bungee feature in the lower boot to allow more ankle/leg mobility as well as create a more reactive pad. Another reason for this interesting feature is to allow the pad to fully rotate and come back to its original position when dropping into the butterfly and standing back up. This is a major improvement over the 1X that had some complaints stating they don’t rotate back fully.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads

Soft boot

The new free-flex 100 degree boot allows for a much more reactive style of play along with more range of motion to move with your body.

Bauer 2X Pro Leg Pads

Monster Toe Strapping System

Bauer has also partnered with Monster for their toe strapping system. Similar to what CCM and Brian's have brought to their pads over the recent years, Bauer has joined the growing list of brands switching from traditional lace on the stock pad. This system works by looping the toe ties through the bottom of your skate, similar to what you would do with the laces, then the 2 laces attach with Velcro just over top of your skate laces resulting in quick undoing and doing up. The Bungee cord used with this system, somewhat similar to the laces that originally came with Bauer pads, allows for the lace to adapt to the movement you make and react with you.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads

Adjustable/Removable Knee Wing

The knee wing has been modified for easy adjustments or removal.

Bauer 2X Pro Leg Pads


The strapping on the 2X Pro didn’t need much changing as it was already one of the easiest and most comfortable strapping systems to date. One of my favorite features of the 2X Pro leg pad is the tune fit strap because with it’s maneuverability, you have the choice of where you want your calf strap whether it’s high, low or right in the middle.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads

New foam in Knee Block

Bauer seems to have upgraded the foam in the knee block of the 2X Pro to be a thinner landing pad with more absorbent foam. This helps add to the comfort of the pad when dropping into the butterfly.

Bauer 2X Pro Leg Pads

Optional Boot Strap

The 2X Pro has the boot strap removed, with channels to add in the feature if desired. Over the past few years, more and more goalies have been boycotting the boot strap on their pads. While providing a snugger feel to the pad and some added control, the boot strap has can also feel restrictive and be a hassle for minimal difference.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads

Ripples in Face of Pad

The 2X Pro has a hard face to steer rebounds far away. Though this is a flat faced pad, ripples in the face of the pad have been added for cosmetic purposes as well as to remind those looking at it that it is a softer pad.

2X Pro Pads

Final Thoughts

Bauer always produces new and exciting gear that stands out from the rest of the goalie world. The 2X Pro is a leg pad that’s going to really secure brand loyalty in the goalie world for Bauer as it brings great improvements to the Vapor line. The softer profile makes this pad feel like a true soft pad, the C.O.R.Tech skin makes rebounds fly off the pad and the new addition of the Monster toe ties work as good as Bauer’s previous laces but with much more ease and convenience.

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