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Bauer Ultrasonic Leg Pad First Look Review
New locked in knee block, new strapping top to bottom, adjusted flex profiles, and multiple new custom options. Check out our first look review from the latest pads from Bauer.
May 27, 2020
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May 22, 2020
Bauer Ultrasonic Leg Pad First Look Review


Bauer Ultra Sonic leg Pads

Bauer will be launching their new Supreme Ultrasonic line this Spring/Summer and since we have access to a sample set, we figured it would only be fair to share some spec details. Photos and spec information from the NHL have been leaking for a while so hopefully we can answer some questions. We think this is easily Bauer’s highest performance pad to date from either line. Let’s get into it some of highlights from the new Ultrasonic pads.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Pads

Stabilislide Knee Block

Stabilislide is a completely new design from Bauer. This is the most significant feature that goalies will appreciate. A rigid L-shaped segment is built into the front face of the pad core and connects directly to the knee block. There is no flex between the pad face and the knee block – it is completely locked into place at 90 degrees.

What does this mean? For one, a really cool and loud thud when you drop into butterfly. Seriously though, the seal and stability with the Ultrasonic is top notch. By removing any floppiness in the knee stack the pad follows the knee to the ice seamlessly. When in butterfly the pad remains square and stabile – a huge upgrade.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Leg Pads

Angled Calf Plate + Butterfly Pad

Bauer made some subtle changes to the calf plate to decrease ice contact and improve sliding. The calf plate is raised above the ice and angles toward the calf to achieve this. The more surface area in contact with the ice the tougher it will be to slide, especially with rough ice.

While the new knee block will sit super flush, there is overall less pad touching the ice. Definitely a win-win scenario and a great design by Bauer. The removable butterfly calf pad helps ensure you’re still comfortable with this new setup.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Pads

Tune Fit Connect Knee Straps

The CRS system is gone. The Ultrasonic pads will have a modified Tune Fit system called Tune Fit Connect. The elastic knee strap is adjustable and can either be attached to the tab on the upper knee or dropped below to the calf plate.

Bauer also added a removable professor strap just below the knee. The adjustable nylon strap is padded for comfort and clips in with buckle. These can be easily added or removed. Simply another option to customize the way the pad fits and feels.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Leg Pads

Tune Fit Connect Calf Straps

A popular carryover calf strapping system from the Vapor line. Highly adjustable to create a connected feel. An upgrade over the previous Supreme CRS system. Tune Fit lets you have the pads as tight or loose as you’d like.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Pads

Bungee Toe Straps

The Ultrasonic pads will feature Bauer’s new bungee cord system. The flexible cord toe tie system allows the skate to move into position to push from butterfly while also rebounding and pulling the pad back into place after standing up. Super easy to set up – much easier than using standard hockey skate lace. The new system been very popular since launching with the 2X Pro pad. By default, the system is offset – but can be centered if preferred.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Leg Pads

Stiff Thigh Flex Shock Lite Core

The Ultrasonic will feature a “mid” flex Shock Lite core. Giving the pads a quick flex gave us the impression that the Ultrasonic core is a bit stiffer and straighter than the 2S Pro. The stock pad has a 151 degree angle between thigh and shin. Overall this core works well with the new knee block when dropping into butterfly.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Pads

Soft Boot Flex

Contrasted with the stiffer upper we noticed that the boot flex has been softened a bit. Same break at 125 degrees but a bit softer than the 2S Pro below the ankle. Not as soft or flat as the 2X Pro but noticeably softer than the 2S Pro.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Leg Pads

Graphics + New Upper Binding

The Ultrasonic graphic has similarities to the Bauer NXG pad from the past with the triangular shape in the upper thigh roll of the pad. The Ultrasonic graphic taper is flipped compared to the NXG and has a colour zone in the boot. There are three colour zones that can be customized and overall this graphic design allows for more colour to be added to the pads compared to the 2S Pro. The graphic is added to the pad via DigiPrint technology so the pads still have a seamless construction.

You might also notice the iPhone-like notch in the upper binding. While there is a branded logo there, it seems this notch might be intended to tighten up the corners of the pad. It definitely makes more sense to us as a practical design change than a graphic design, but time will tell.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Pads

Pro Custom Spec Options

Bauer has expanded customization options with the Ultrasonic launch. You can now choose construction and graphic separately. You’re able to order Ultrasonic construction with 2X Pro graphics and vice versa. Pad spec options have also been expanded for both lines so you can customize all strapping and flex profiles.

Customizer is now live. You can customize three primary front facing colour zones and a variety of back facing colours as well. TrueDesign full custom graphic is also an option which gives you full control over the entire graphic. Click to see Full outline of custom options.

More Details

  • Custom Pad Sizes: XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL
  • Custom Knee Wings: Adjustable | Sewn-in Lower | Sewn-in Center | None
  • Custom Boot Strapping: Short | Long | Leather | None
  • Custom Toe Attachment: Elastic Toe System (stock) | skate Lace


  • Custom Toe Alignment: Offset (stock) | Center
  • Custom Thigh Flex: Extra Soft | Soft | Mid (stock) | Stiff | Extra Stiff
  • Custom Boot Flex: 125 Degree (Soft) – (stock) | 125 Degree (Stiff) | 100 Degrees (Soft)

Written By Mike Ball

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