CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Gloves Review

May 24, 2022 || Written by Katie Lakusta

CCM’s Tacks line is starting anew with sleek updated graphics and exceptional performance in their next A-series gloves. The new AS-V Pro player gloves combine many elite-level elements in their construction to keep your hands protected and ready to play.

Clean New Graphics

Out with the old and in with the new— CCM is no stranger to changing up their style, and these gloves are looking sharp. The standard colour AS-V pro remixes the old yellow and black style toward more gold and black shades. Others in the Pro series follow a similar style with darker, subtler tones. The Tacks and AS-V logos have also been revamped and cleaned up, now tidier and less imposing and spiky than the previous iterations.

Flexmotion Cuff & ASD

The major focus of the 2022 Tacks gear was on the gear’s ability to keep you covered while you move and where it matters. Every piece in the gloves’ construction works with you, your shape, and your movements, so you can be constantly covered during the game without hindering your movement. Encompassing the Anatomical Shield Design (ASD), padding has been added in key places, as well as some new tech, for some extra security during the game.

Integrated Impact Protection Plate & D3O

A signature in CCM’s protective gear returns as reinforcement for the gloves’ Integrated Protection Plate over the backhand. D3O can be observed in a rather diverse range of sectors, including electronics, military equipment, workwear, and as we see here, sports equipment. As far as its purpose in the protection plate is concerned, it has the same amazing cushioning properties in sports equipment as it does in those particular industries. The plate’s purpose is to reinforce the backhand when battling in the boards, blocking shots, and even when taking faceoffs. Compared to other shot blockers on the market, CCM takes a low-profile, mobile direction with this one, which is possible with the use of D3O.

Nest Tech

Nest Tech has already been seen in the recent CCM Tacks X helmet, and now it’s been integrated as a cornerstone of the AS-V Pro gloves, right under the protection plate. Nest Tech is a 3D-printed pad that is soft, flexible, and ventilated, increasing mobility and aeration to keep you cool and constantly moving.

Pro FlexThumb

The glove uses a Pro FlexThumb design, which is a two-piece, highly moveable thumb that helps you wrap your hand fully around your stick for optimal control. The extra freedom of movement also comes in handy for players who like to dangle and find openings in their opponent’s play and defenses; with better control over your stick and the puck, you will have a better chance of beating your adversary.

Dura-Palm Pro

The palm is mainly constructed with an AX Suede synthetic leather material, with an additional Dura-Palm Pro reinforcement. CCM has been taking a particular interest in areas that tend to get most worn down during play in recent years. One major area is in the glove palm, right along where the stick comes in contact with it. These kinds of reinforcements have become even more necessary with the increase of grip and texture on hockey sticks, all of which can increase friction, and therefore, more wear and tear.

Final Words

The AS-V Pro received many positive praises from us at The Hockey Shop when they first arrived. Putting them on, you can definitely feel that calculated balance between flexibility and coverage that the gloves preach. All in all, we highly recommend the AS-V Pro for those looking to step up their game— or even the standard AS-V gloves if you’re looking for high performance that’s just a tad more budget-friendly.

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