CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Stick Review

May 25, 2023 || by Katie Lakusta
CCM has been working hard to bring the best upgrades to their best hockey gear, and that means the Jetspeed line is getting a redesign; the new FT6 Pro comes in with some of CCM’s cleanest graphics yet and an even more optimized structure. The biggest changes come in the integration of tech from other lines, in addition to some more reinforcement with the new Nanolite Carbon Layering tech—while keeping all that you already knew and loved about the Jetspeed family of sticks. We’ll take a closer look at some of the highlights in this review.

Hybrid Kick Point

Jetspeed is CCM’s staple hybrid kick point line, meaning the FT6 Pro is designed to adapt to the situation. As such, this stick will be best for those who often find themselves all over the ice; this will usually be a centreman, but it can also apply to two-way forwards and offensive defensemen.

If you’re not familiar with the hybrid kick point, it basically means the kick point changes along the stick depending on how you hold and handle it; by definition, it is meant to provide benefits of both low kick and mid kick hockey sticks into one package. With the way that hybrid sticks are constructed, stiffer fibres are used on the lower portion, while the upper portion uses more flexible fibres—creating a hinge effect for greater power and accuracy on the shot.

Sigma STP Spread Tow Carbon Weave

This carbon weave was introduced originally in the Ribcor Trigger 7 and is specifically made for hockey players; it improves both strength and durability of the stick while simultaneously keeping the stick as light as possible. This weave is also very consistent with a uniform fibre distribution along the stick, in turn making the response feel both highly consistent and predictable for the user—to further enhance your accuracy and control. In a hybrid stick, this is incredibly important, since the on-ice situations that these sticks come across can vary greatly.

Nanolite Shield Carbon Layering Technology

Nanolite Shield Carbon Layering is a new tech that CCM is bringing into the Jetspeed line for 2023. Compared to previous Nanolite Technology iterations, this shaft construction uses thicker carbon fibre layers for greater reinforcement. Nanolite tech itself is the strategic layering of carbon fibre to create a lighter, more efficient, and overall stronger hockey stick. By using Nanolite Technology, CCM can create an elite-level stick that is lighter and easier to handle, allowing players to have better control and maneuverability on the ice.

Nanolite is engineered to maintain the necessary strength and structural integrity required for high-level play. As mentioned, it helps absorb vibrations while staying consistent and efficient, providing a more comfortable feel and reducing the impact on the player's hands during gameplay.


Another feature having been adopted from the Ribcor family, Skeleton+ is a manufacturing design found in the taper area of CCM’s most recent pro-level hockey sticks.

Skeleton+ is basically the use of a silicon-tip spear in the hosel, which is much more durable and consistent than the standard materials that would normally be put in this area of the stick. The material can then be compressed further in this area for a stronger connection between the blade and the shaft while keeping the stick as light as can be.

RR-100 Stiff Blade

The RR-100 stiff blade isn’t new to CCM, but it is one of the key characteristics of the Jetspeed line. Assembled with a fusion Nanolite Carbon Layering technology and a foam core, this blade delivers an optimal blend of performance attributes. Its high stiffness and ultra-light weight are ideal on a hybrid stick like the FT6 Pro since these sticks need to be built to adapt at a moment’s notice. The stiffer blade characteristic is particularly important for sticks with a hybrid kick point—the synergy between the varying kick point and the stronger blade makes the energy transfer on the shot more efficient and consistent.

Final Thoughts

CCM’s Jetspeed line is heralded as one of the top gear families in hockey today; the FT6 Pro is an amazing display of CCM’s commitment to the line. Jetspeed is known for its incredible balance and overall adaptability, and this stick is no exception. On paper, every part of this stick hard focuses that design goal, and in practice, the stick seems to live up to that reputation. I’m especially enthusiastic about the Nanolite Shield—with the direction hockey sticks are going, it’s important to find ways to make the sticks keep their performance capabilities, while also enhancing their strength. I think CCM is going in the right direction with this series, and I can’t wait to follow the future of Jetspeed.

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