Bauer Supreme Mach Skate Review

June 24, 2022 || Written by Katie Lakusta
Before, Ultrasonic and Hyperlite contended as Bauer’s top-of-the-line skates. Now, Bauer is ascending to their newest generation of power and speed: the Supreme Mach elite-level skate. Each component of this skate has been engineered to amp up your stride, from the Powercoil tongue to the 12K Carbon CURV construction, to the updated Reflex tendon at the back. The Mach is not just the next stepping stone—it’s the next regime.


At the highest price point, Bauer opted for a clean new start with their hockey skates, bringing with that mindset some brand new graphics. The Mach did away with the classic yellow of the Supreme line and decided instead on a slick, straight black finish. I’m not complaining—the imposing colouration, visible carbon weave, and new Bauer logo on the back tendon guard is an impressive combination that can be as high or low-profile as you want it to be.

12K Carbon CURV Composite Boot

Speaking of a visible carbon weave, the Mach is equipped with a 12K Carbon CURV composite boot to increase support for the most powerful strides—in addition to lowering the weight by 5% compared to the Ultrasonic. This composite construction is also not only stiff and lightweight but highly thermoformable, so you can have the perfect fit right out of the box. Features like thermoformability may not seem like the most impressive compared to everything else on the boot, but on a stiff-grade boot like the Mach, it’s vital for breaking the skate in efficiently.

Unibody Powerwrap Tech

Unibody Powerwrap Technology is upgraded from the Ultrasonic and located in the lower segment of the boot and involves a stiffened outsole for greater support on the stride. The stiffer outsole really helps stabilize the foot for more optimized energy transfer, allowing you to explode more into your stride.

AMP Flex Facing

Bauer recognized a growing problem in how people wear and tie their skates, particularly in younger generations. Many are taught to leave the top eyelet untied if they want more flexion in their ankles, and thus, more potential for a powerful stride. This development could be dangerous, however, especially for those with weaker ankles using a stiffer boot. Following the same principles as the rest of the Supreme family, as well as taking some inspiration from the facing properties of the Hyperlite, the Mach skates use AMP Flex Facing technology in between the second and third eyelet. This is essentially a flex point to help increase plantar ankle flexion, and it does so by a whopping 15% compared to Ultrasonic. The development provides you with the support of the top eyelet while keeping the torsion and lateral reinforcement you need on the ice.

Mach unfortunately is only available in Senior and Intermediate-sized skates. However, this tech is meant to enhance skating comfort and performance in players of all ages; for kids and younger players, AMP Flex Facing is available in M5 Pro Junior and Youth-sized skates.

Reflex Tendon

The Reflex tendon is an update to the original Flex tendon and keeps to the same concept: no inserts, but built tough and with superior recoil to help power your stride further with its aggressive shape. All the aspects of the Reflex tendon combine to drive more power through into your stride more efficiently and without requiring as much energy from you.

Powercoil Tongue

The Supreme gear line’s recoil capabilities play a major role in helping you get the most out of your stride. This is not only a major focus that we observed in the Reflex Tendon, but it’s also a core aspect of the new Powercoil Tongue. A significant benefit of having some recoil in the skate tongue is that the skate itself will also push back when you stride, making your stride stronger and more efficient.

Asymmetrical Toe Cap

The asymmetrical toe cap is one of Bauer’s most successful technologies to have been implemented into their hockey skates. The purpose of the asymmetrical toe cap is to provide a closer fit while reducing negative space, effectively making the skate lighter and your stride easier to execute; however, through previous trials in the Supreme line, they’d learned that it wasn’t fitting like it was supposed to. In the Mach, Bauer debuts an ammended toe cap designed specifically for the Supreme line.

Choose Your Blade Program

Bauer really wanted to emphasize the customization potential of their gear this year, and in the skate, they knew that had to include steel. With the Mach skate, Bauer is introducing a new program where you would choose the steel that best fits your situation and style in a Supreme skate.

This program is unfortunately only available in North America, but it works to further customize your budget; if you really want the skate but can’t afford the highest-end steel, the option to lower the price with a simpler set of runners can help balance those costs for you.

Your options include:

Carbonlite Steel: The highest-end steel available from Bauer greatly optimizes stride with a stabilizing spine, which helps control torsional flex. It is also quite durable, lightweight, and responsive.

LS Pulse TI: Pulse TI was seen in the previous Ultrasonic and is well-known for its superior edge retention and reliability. This steel works amazingly well with the Mach’s natural power build.

LS Pulse: Thinking of just sticking to a simpler steel? LS Pulse steel is also available for those who don’t want to go too fancy with their skate runners but still desire great reliability and performance. This steel specializes in enhanced glide and retention.

Final Words

As soon as word got out to us that Bauer has been working on a new Supreme skate model, The Hockey Shop has been eagerly awaiting their release date. When they finally did arrive, some of our guys had a chance to sample their general feel in the office, as well as their performance on the ice—and boy, did they not disappoint. Equipped with everything you loved and more from the Ultrasonic, in addition to a brand new name and graphics, the Mach skates are ready to help you reach your highest level while making you look and feel good too.

You as excited as we are? Take a look at the collection here!

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