Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants
Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants
Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants
Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants
Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants
Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants
Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants
Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants

Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Pants

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The Warrior Ritual X2 intermediate goal pants touch on areas that needed improvement without changing the pants too much from the predecessor. The X2 pants have maximized the thigh protection as well as reinforced any high wear areas on the pants.

External Material
The Ritual X2 goal pants have nylon on the exterior to enhance durability while remaining light and mobile.

The pants feel loose when wearing them because of how wide and roomy the thigh/leg barrels are.

Waist Closure & Internal Belt
The pants have a few fits because of the internal belt. The pants taper in around the waist when done up completely, leaving a lot of room in the thigh area for unrestricted motion even with the bulkiest of knee pads. The inner belt also allows you to keep the pants loose around the waist, enabling you to tuck your chest if that’s more your style.

Hip Protection
The Ritual X2 goal pants offer great protection all over, with the hips having overlapping Flex Plates to ensure no matter what position you’re in, you’ll be protected.

Groin Protection
The large barrel leg channels in the pant offer good groin protection because they tend to sit off your groin and the plates in the front of the thigh form a shield in front of your groin.

Thigh Protection
Warrior has maximized their thigh protection on these pants, making them appear even larger than the previous Ritual X series. This along with reinforced padding provides top notch thigh protection without causing any interference.

Knee Pad Attachment
The Warrior Ritual X2 pants have a spot to attach your knee pad by lace. Designed for Warrior knee pads, this feature can work with other knee pads that have the option to be laced in too.

Sizes & Colors
The Ritual X2 intermediate pants come in sizes S/M, M/L, and L/XL. As for colors, the pants resemble the previous model, black on the outside with white logos and yellow lining on the inside.

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Belt/Lace ClosureBelt & Lace Included
External MaterialNylon
Groin ProtectionYes
Hip ProtectionYes, FlexPlates
Internal BeltYes (Removable)
Knee Pad AttachmentYes, Laced-in
Leg Extension
Made InChina
SizesS/M, M/L, L/XL
Suspender ButtonsYes (Removable)
Thigh ProtectionYes, Maximized thigh protection
Warranty90 Days
Warrior Goalie Pant Sizing Chart

Goalie Pants Sizing Information

Goalie Pants offer substantially more protection than their player counterparts. The hips are reinforced with high-density foam instead of a thin layer of nylon/elastic. The thighs of a goalie pants are usually squared off for coverage purposes and made with thick plastic and foam. The waist of a goal pant is also beefed up to protect vital organs. Even the way a goalie pant moves in relation to a player pant is even different. Hockey Player Pants are designed to move back and forth, while Goalie Pants are more effective for lateral movements that a goalie naturally has to make.

Why Proper Sizing Is Important
Properly sized Goalie Pants are imperative to make sure all of your goaltending equipment fits together seamlessly. An improperly fit goalie pant can cause your chest protector to ride up and feel uncomfortable. When a goal pant is fit properly, it integrates well with the fit of your chest protector to provide unrestricted movement and full protection.

Finding the Right Sized Goalie Pants
The first step is to take measurements that relate to the provided sizing charts on any individual goal pant’s product page on our website. Usually this is accomplished by matching a waist to a given size. Matching up waist sizes exactly isn’t always necessary as it is very common for goalies to wear pants that are wider to increase net coverage, mobility and comfort. Some goalies also prefer a looser fit around the waist and use suspenders to keep their pants from falling down.

Fitting Your Goalie Pants
After figuring how you want to wear the pants around your waist, it is important that the pant is sized such that they sit above the kneecap. This should leave enough room for the knee wing of the leg pad to rest on the inside edge of the knee. Pants that sit too low can interfere with the goalie leg pads. You also want to try your goalie pants on with your chest protector to see how the two pieces of equipment integrate with each other for mobility, and to make sure their are no gaps in protection. Lastly, make sure your goalie pants integrate well with additional knee protection. We strongly recommend trying everything on at once to make sure there is limited interference between all your goalie equipment.

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