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Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Catcher
Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Catcher

Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Catcher

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The Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Goalie Catch Glove may be the biggest improvement this year for Warrior. With a bigger pocket, new break angle, HyperComp additions and standard double tee, this glove has improved in many areas without separation itself too much from the original GT.

External Material
Warrior uses regular Gen Pro on the GT2 Pro Catcher, though there may not be a special skin, these gloves are a vacuum when it comes to catching and the lightweight features will have you catcher more than ever. Warrior has improved the protection on this glove by adding HyperComp to the palm. The addition of HyperComp will prevent stingers by adding an extra layer of protection and promote longevity because there is no worry of plastic cracking in the glove.

Break Angle
The first thing you’ll notice about this glove is not only that it’s more comfortable, but also that it is truly game ready. The new break angle is the same as the G4, but by no means is the glove the same. The redesigned thumb angle makes the glove fit more naturally on the hand providing comfort and making it easier to use.

Pocket Design
When first checking out the Warrior GT2 Pro Catching Glove, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it comes stock with a  double tee. The double tee allows the glove to open up bigger and adds more puck retention. Not only does the double tee help open up the pocket, but the pocket itself is also bigger, the biggest ever released by Warrior to be exact.

Strapping stays familiar with the GT2 Pro, keeping the same strapping style as the previous GT Pro trapper. The non-removable palm has velcro adjustments along the wrist and backhand as well as across the fingers.

Cuff Design
The cuff on the new Ritual GT2 Catcher allows the goalie their full wrist mobility without any restrictions. An open cuff lets the goalie present their glove the way they want to hold it, not forcing you to hold the glove a certain way. This makes the goalie feel more comfortable using the glove and therefor making the goalie more confident when making a glove save.

Warrior has an impressive customizer for the GT2 Pro, allowing more options and an easier process than some other brands. The graphic itself on the pad is aesthetically pleasing whether you choose the GT2 Pro design or the GT2 Pro Classic, now allowing the customer to change individual knee roll colors or color block areas not previously offered on the GT line. Different break angles are also available through custom ordering, choices between 60, 75, or 90 degree finger positioning.