Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads

Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads

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The Warrior Ritual series of leg pads have been refined by years of constant development by Mike Smith and the team at Warrior Goalie. Warrior’s lightweight, and easy to put on design is perfect for the young goalie. With a cleaner construction and a thinner profile overall the Warrior G5 youth pads take the unique Warrior formula to another level.

Internal Construction
The HD foams throughout the pad and knee stacks along with Warrior’s Knee Drive System make the pad extremely solid in the butterfly.

Pad Break
The G5 YTH pads feature a solid outer roll to allow for a reasonable amount of flex. This flex helps get that perfect five hole seal when in the butterfly.

Boot Angle & Toe Taper
The G5 YTH has a softer boot break than its larger versions. This difference will help younger goalies manipulate the pad and make moving in and out of the butterfly easier. This will also benefit the user by allowing them to be in sync with each movement and reduce any restriction when moving.

Knee Cradle
The G5 YTH’s come with an adjustable knee cradle that will prevent you from missing or falling off of the pad while also providing you with more stability in your butterfly. Similar to previous Warrior models.

The G5 YTH comes with similar strapping to the previous years model where Warrior has included an adjustable knee/upper calf strap, one main calf strap and the active response boot strap. This simple yet effective setup will make getting dressed nice and easy and nothing for new goalie parents to stress over.

Sizes & Colors
Junior sizing begins at 19+0.5” (8” Width) going up to 23+0.5”. The graphic on the G5 YTH is going back to basics a bit and is quite aesthetically pleasing. Warrior stocks the following colorways in the G5 YTH; All White, All Black, White/Black, White/Black/Green, White/Red, and White/Royal.

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Boot Angle60 Degree
External MaterialSynthetic Leather, AIRslide Sliding Edge
Heel & Toe AttachmentActive Response Bungee Straps
Internal ConstructionHypercomp Reinforced Thighrise
Knee & Calf StrappingVelcro Active Response straps
Knee CraddleKnee Drive System
Knee & Thigh ProtectionKnee pads not included.
Made InVietnam
Pad BreakSingle Outer Roll
Toe Taper85-Degree Rounded Toe
Warranty30 Days

Goalie Leg Pad Sizing

Sizing up your goalie leg pads is crucial for having total control while moving in the crease. There are two different measurements you can use to project the size of leg pad you should be wearing. The first one is your floor-to-knee measurement, which you can match up with our provided sizing charts to find the size of pad you would wear, before plus sizing. The second is the sum of your skate size, mid-ankle-to-mid-knee measurement, and your mid-knee-to-mid-thigh measurement. This measurement gives you a rough idea of what overall size pad you should purchase.

Sizing before Purchase
For measuring your floor-to-knee:

    1. In your bare feet, place the beginning of your soft measuring tape at the inside of the bottom of your foot.
    2. Slightly bend your knee.
    3. Run the soft measuring tape up your shin, to the middle of your knee.
    4. Match your floor-to-knee measurement with our provided sizing charts.

Skate size + mid-ankle-to-mid-knee + mid-knee-to-mid-thigh
    1. Take your skate size (for example, size 10).
    2. Start your soft measuring tape at the inside of your mid-ankle, and run it up to your mid-knee (for example, 18 inches).
    3. Now, from your mid-knee, run your soft measuring tape to your mid-thigh (for example, 7 inches).
    4. Add your measurements together (10 + 18 + 7 = 35 inches).
    5. This means you should be looking into a 35” pad, give or take.

It should be noted that these measurements line you up for an accurate fit, and not a fit that is intended for growing room. Also, different brands size differently, meaning a 35” pad in one can be a 34” or 36” in another.

Sizing after Purchase
Once you have your new leg pads, you’ll need to make sure they fit you properly. To do so, you’ll need to put the pads on with your skates, as if you are about to go on the ice. There a couple things to do to check size, once you have the pads on:

    1. Stand straight, bring your feet together. This will show you the overall height of the pad, while on. Your pads should not, in any case, surpass your hips. Realistically, you want the top of your pad coming up to half-way point of your thighs. A pad fitted for growing room will be a little taller, so a little above the half-way point is normal. In any case, your preferences can alter these suggestions.
    2. Secondly, go in your stance, keep your hands in a ready position, and drop to your butterfly. Without moving your legs to correct your butterfly, bring your heels together. This is where you assess your knee position. For a perfect fit, you want the middle of your knee to sit directly on the centre of the knee stack. If you’re looking for growing room, you want the middle of your knee to land roughly 1.5” below the centre of the knee stack—1” for junior.

Additional Information
Not getting a complete seal while in your butterfly?

    If you are having trouble getting a full seal in your new pads, it may be the way you’re strapping them up. If this is the case for you, make sure your boot strap and top (above knee) straps are loosened up a bit. The reason you want these straps loose is because they have a direct effect on the rotation of the pad. Therefore, having a loose boot strap makes it easy for your foot and ankle to rotate as the pad moves; same goes for the top straps, as you do not want them pulling down too hard on the thigh rise.

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