Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector

Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector

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The G5 Pro is a great addition to Warrior’s Ritual line of protective goalie equipment. Keeping the main look and feel the same as the G5 Pro+, the Pro version offers more streamlined arms and shoulders for further increased mobility. Warrior has brought back the HyperComp technology used in the G4 chest protector that was a huge hit with goalies. That, along with the class leading adjustability of the protector itself is what makes the Ritual G5 Pro a great option in the premier goalie category.

External Material
Warrior uses nylon and mesh on the exterior of the G5 Pro chest protector providing durability while still being comfortable and more importantly breathable preventing you from overheating while you’re on the ice.

Internal Foams
Warrior has brought back their HyperComp material (previously used with the G4) to improve durability and protection in the G5 Pro chest. The HyperComp prevents the chest from breaking down and adds an extra layer of stopping power, which will make you more confident on each save.

Shoulder Caps
The shoulder shape is similar to the G4. The shoulder floaters used in the G5 Pro allow for increased head mobility. This gives you better vision and more comfortable puck tracking, never having to worry about your mask or lexan getting caught on the shoulders.

Adjustable Arms
The G5 Pro has laced in arms allowing for adjustments to be made to get the fit you are looking for. The streamlined arms provide impeccable protection while increasing your range of motion allowing you to make those difficult saves.

Elbow Caps
The new G5 Pro chest has double shield front elbow floaters, providing more protection while also allowing more mobility. These help to cover more area, while also preventing stingers. This chest protector has plastic elbow cups and is extremely adjustable due to the sizing options with either ties or the velcro attachments.

Back Straps
This chest protector has an endless number of straps, strings and Velcro to guarantee you get the right fit for you. The arms are laced in rather than Velcro, giving a more traditional and solid feel while still being somewhat adjustable. The shoulders have multiple adjustments, for the floaters, chest height and shoulder width.

Sizes & Colors
The G5 Pro comes in a sleek steel grey with accents of blue, green, and yellow. The sizes for the pro model include small, medium, large and extra large.

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Adjustable ArmsYes
Back StrapsYes
Elbow CapsHard Plastic Elbows
External MaterialNylon and Mesh
Internal FoamsHyperComp with HD Foams
Made InChina
Shoulder CapsFloaters To Improve Head Mobility & Vision
Warranty90 Days

Goalie Chest Protector Sizing

Sizing a Goaltenders Chest Protector is important to ensure the range of motion is not impeded, while still offering complete coverage from impact. There are steps necessary to finding the right fit in your Chest Protector, and the first is to know your measurements.

Finding The Right Size - Measuring Arm Span
To measure your arm span, hold your arms out and measure from wrist to wrist. Start from the bottom of one forearm (you’ll see a bone where your wrist is) and measure to the other. Avoid measuring from fingertip to fingertip, as hand size is not relative to arm length. You do not want the Chest Protectors arm lengths to be too long and interfere with the Catcher and Blocker.

Making Sure Your Chest Protector Fits Properly
Below are some good criteria to follow to make sure your Chest Protector fits properly.

      1. The arms of the Chest Protector end just before your wrist. This is important because you want to ensure that the wrist portion of the arms do not interfere with your blocker and catching glove. Depending on the model, adjustable arms may be an offered feature, which is an added bonus for goaltenders that are still growing. If the arms are too long, or too short, check the arms of your Chest Protector to see if the length can be adjusted.
      2. The elbow of the goaltender fits securely into the pocket of the elbow protection, and doesn't shift too far away from them. Keep in mind, arms usually have to be adjusted and positioned properly while putting on your chest protector.
      3. Make sure the shoulders of the Chest Protector are sitting comfortably and wrapped around your shoulders. This can be seen visually by looking at the collar of the Chest Protector, looking to see the shoulders are sitting in the pocket of the shoulder caps. You also want to make sure that the collar of the Chest Protector doesn't sit below the clavicle, exposing the goaltenders collar bone.

Customer Reviews

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Gordon Mosher
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector

I am an Adult Rec Goalie and play with a wide range of players, Oldtimers to fairly skilled younger players and all levels in between.

I decided to replace my Simmons 996 Chest & Arm, which I purchased in 2013. After the decision, I spent a lot of time reading and watching reviews on several C&A models. My main goal in a new C&A was upgraded protection as well as not sacrificing mobility. As well, I was conscious of budget.

I eventually spoke with a staff member at The Hockey Shop who, based on my stated criteria, suggested either the Warrior or Bauer Elite Senior C&A. I went to a local shop and tried on both C&A's and was drawn more to the Bauer. One of the things I thought was important was a side clip on the back strap, which was present on the Simmons 996. I did not like having to slip on the Warrior like a T Shirt. Also, I felt that the Bauer offered greater mobility. After more research I decided that the Warrior would have greater protection and that the mobility would be acceptable.

Once received, I found the degree of adjustability to be as advertised, very good. I shortened the arms and adjusted the back straps to raise the front as high as possible. I was a bit concerned that it wasn't high enough to cover the clavicle portion of my Maltese neck guard. I may work on this more but so far it is acceptable. I also felt that the unit was bulkier than I wanted and wandered about restricted mobility. I put on the C&A along with my kneepads, jock and pants to get a feel for how all would integrate together. My preference is to wear the C&A outside of my pants. In this regard I found it very workable, being able to run the pant front laces up through the slots of the front that separate the main chest from side portions. I ran them through the three loops on the lower front and tied them off.

I have worn the unit twice so far in play. I found it very comfortable to wear; the protection so far is great, no stingers have yet to be felt. Also, my concerns over less mobility were dispelled. There was absolutely no restriction of any movements. Regarding pulling it on as a T Shirt, that has been no issue at all. I have changed my mind on the need for the side strap clip.

Good quality piece of gear, great customer service. 4.5 Stars.

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