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Warrior Ritual G4 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

Warrior Ritual G4 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Warrior has been a company of innovation since they broke into the goalie world. The release of the Warrior G4 senior goalie pad continues this tradition with some technologies that push the envelope of what goalies think of when a goalie pad comes to mind. The G4 senior goalie leg pads build off of the G4 Pro senior goalie leg pad, but are priced more accessibly to that more goalies are able to take advantage of the pad.

First and foremost, Warrior has continued to offer their individual knee pad, rather than a thigh board or something attached to the pad. This offers great value especially when goalies are still growing, on top of being the best way to keep knees safe while playing goalie. This isn't the only thing the G4 senior goalie pads do that should excite you however.

The G4 senior goal leg pads still get some of the best parts of the G4 pro goalie leg pads, including the new AIRslide tech that is showcased on the G4 Pro leg pads. The AIRslide tech are slots that are built into the sliding surface of the leg pad in the direction the goalie is meant to slide. This slots take away surface area and therefore drag, while maintaining stability on the ice. As well there is a channel for snow buildup to escape out of rather than attaching itself to a binding or something similar like times of old.

Warrior has also maintained their leather strapless leg channel and has added their 360* ACTIVEdrop leg channel to the mix. This leg channel helps allowing the leg pads to sit closer to the ice while the goalie is in their ready stance. This is usually replicated by having the pad very loose on the leg so that it will be more ready to hit the ice when the goalie drops into the butterfly. The Warrior G4 senior goal leg pads maintain this feeling, but still allow the pad to be securely attached and fit snuggly on the leg.

Lastly, Warrior's thirst to make things better stretches out to the outer knee roll. Warrior has optimized the G4 senior goalie leg pad's outer roll with RVH Optimization. Warrior has thinned out the profile, as well as changing the face angle of the outer roll to press more of the entire face of the pad against the post. This geometric change limits the ability for the puck to go in the net if the goalie is landing hard with their shin on the post.

The Warrior G4 senior goalie pads take one of the most innovative platforms on the market, and make it more available for a goalie that doesn't want to invest into pro level gear.


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