TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves
TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves

TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves

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The TRUE XC9 Pro JR Hockey Gloves are a tapered fit design with pro-grade level protection. The XC9 glove features 24mm EPP Foam and PE Inserts throughout the backrolls, fingers and cuff, a TRUEFLEXX+ lock thumb design and premium nylon exterior. This provides a comfortable ergonomic shaped hockey glove with elite protection.

External Material
The exterior shell of the XC9 Pro glove is made from premium nylon material with a textured PU finish.

Finger Design & Protection
The fingers are a three-piece design offering you flexibility and freedom to control your stick. Constructed with 24mm EPP foam and PE inserts, the protection TRUE has provided is truly elite.

Backhand Protection
Similar to the finger protection, the backhand features 24mm EPP foam and PE inserts. The back hand is constructed of 15 separate pieces which span across to give you their highest level of protection.

Thumb Design
The TRUEFLEXX+ lock thumb gives the player optimal mobility and flexibility for controlling your stick.

Cuff Design
The XC9 Pro glove is a tapered cuff design, that is shaped anatomically around the wrist giving you wrist mobility to move your stick to any angle.

Palm Material & Gussets
The palm and gussets of the XC9 Pro glove is made from TRUE’s Ax Suede material, which is a comfortable nash style material. There is an additional Ax Suede overlay in TRUE blue giving an extra layer of durability to the palm.

The liner is made from Microban which is an antimicrobial material to help prevent bacteria from building.

Sizes & Colors
The TRUE XC9 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves are available in sizes 10” - 12”, in all Black.

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Backhand ProtectionPro-Grade 24mm EPP Foam + PE Inserts
CuffTapered / Anatomical Fit
External MaterialPremium Nylon + Textured PU
Finger Design3-Piece Split Fingers
Finger ProtectionPro-Grade 24mm EPP Foam + PE Inserts
GussetsAx Suede
LinerMicroban Antibacterial
Palm MaterialAx Suede Sewn-in Palm + TRUE blue Ax Suede Overlay
Pinky Finger ProtectionYes, EPP Foam + PE Inserts
Thumb DesignTRUEFLEXX+ Lock Thumb
Warranty90 Days
TRUE Junior Hockey Gloves Sizing Chart
Glove Size10"11"12"
Age (years) 8 - 11 9 - 12 11 - 14
Height (ft) 4'3" - 4'8" 4'7" - 5'0" 4'11" - 5'4"
Weight (lbs) 60 - 90 70 - 100 80 - 110
Hand Length (in) 4.5" - 5.0" 5.0" - 5.5" 5.5" - 6.0"

Player Glove Sizing

To ensure you're purchasing the proper sized glove, one simple measurement using a measuring tape is all it takes to accurately find your size. Place the tip of the tape measure at the top of your middle finger (or which finger is longest) and measure all the way down to the bottom of your palm. Record this measurement and multiply by two. This will be roughly the size of glove you need. Compare your height, weight and age to the charts provided on each model as well to find your best fit.

Sizing Hockey Gloves (Growing Players)
If you are including growing room in the glove for a young player, always round the measurement up to the next whole number (ex. 3.2” x 2 = 6.4” -> 7”).

Making Sure Your Hockey Gloves Fit (Growing Players)
To ensure hockey gloves fit properly for a growing hockey player, have them place their hands in the glove with their palms facing up. Have the player place their hand inside the glove as they would if they were wearing the glove in a normal situation. Take your index finger and put it between the top of the player's palm and the edge of the cuff. Typically you want no more room than the width of your index finger.

You also want to have the player press their fingers against the palm so you can see the outlines. Make sure their pinky finger is at least 3/4” of the way into the pinky slot of the glove finger. To determine if the glove is too small, take your fingers and feel along the inner cuff of the glove just after the palm material. Make sure the player’s palm is not spilling over the material and onto the cuff. You also want to look at the fingers of the glove, and make sure the player’s fingers to fit in each finger slot, but they should not be pressed up against the edge or touching the gussets.

Sizing Hockey Gloves (Full-Grown Players)
When sizing for true size (no growth room) using the above measurement, round measurements less than 0.5 down to the next whole number. If the measurement ends in .5 or higher, round up to the nearest whole number.

Making Sure Your Hockey Gloves Fit (Full-Grown Players)
To ensure your hockey gloves fit properly, you want to take a look at two things.

  • 1 – make sure the your fingers are all the way in the finger slots, but not pressing into the gussets on the end of the glove. A good fitting glove will leave your fingers so that they are just able to brush the tips of the gussets.
  • 2 – make sure the palm of your hand is not spilling out the end of the glove palm material onto the inner cuff. If the bottom of your hand is into the cuff of the glove, you may want to try sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

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