TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick
TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick
TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick
TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick
TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick
TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick
TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick
TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick
TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick

TRUE AX Pro Senior Goalie Stick

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Ice Hockey Goalie Regular vs. Full Right



Blade Pattern
Hand-Paddle Length
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Exclusive to Source for Sports retailers comes the AX Pro goal stick. It uses the same technologies seen in their player stick department such as their FiberShield, BRT+, Axenic and SmartPly to create a lightweight, balanced yet durable stick. A low kick profile gives a feel similar to that of a foam core when playing the puck giving goalies a stick that promotes quick releases and improves puck feel and control. True redesigned the balance point that sits right near the shoulder creates a lighter stick that is lighter and more balanced than its predecessor. Finally for the AX Pro, the sharp all black and dark grey colour scheme along with the steeper shoulder and more tacky grip give the stick a premium look and feel.

Shaft Construction
The shaft is made using a combination of True’s FiberShield and Axenic technologies. FiberShield technology which is an array of nanoparticles distributed throughout the shaft for improved balance and durability. Axenic technology creates a compression molded shaft that gives more direct puck feel and better control. The shaft on the AX Pro is cut 1-2” shorter than other equivalently sized true sticks in order to improve puck handling.

Paddle Construction
True uses the same BRT+ technology seen in their AX5 player stick in the paddle of the AX Pro goal stick. It is meant to make for a stronger yet lighter paddle with a more durable construction. As seen in the shaft, the paddle uses the same FiberShield technology to improve balance and durability over previous A series sticks.

Blade Construction/Stiffness
Using FiberShield, BRT+ and SmartPly technologies, the blade of the AX Pro goal stick is a great balance of thin, stiff and durable. SmartPly is used to optimize the angles of the fibers being laid down in order to create a higher impact strength while keeping weight down.

The AX Pro stick comes in a matte black paddle and shaft with matte grey lettering along with light blue Pro branding.

A matte grey striped grip pattern is great for those goalies who like the feel of the AX5 stick but want a bit more grip than the standard spotted grip. A steeper sloped shoulder makes the AX Pro stick more comfortable in hand.

Blade Patterns, Paddle Lengths, Stick Lengths, Weight, Level of Play
Coming in only two left handed curve options including MC (mid curve, similar to P34) and PC2 (similar to Price curve) in a 25” and 26” paddle size; the True AX Pro goal stick appeals to a wide range of goaltenders looking for that performance level stick that retains good durability with a sharp look.

lightweight stick that retains good durability.
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Shaft ConstructionFiberShield & Axenic Technology
Paddle ConstructionFiberShield & BRT+ Technologies
Blade ConstructionFiberShield, SmartPly & BRT+ Technologies
Length25”, 26”
Other FeaturesMatte Striped Grip Pattern
Warranty30 Days
TRUE Goalie Stick Blade Patterns

Goalie Stick Sizing Information

Unlike other pieces of gear, Goalie Sticks are sized mostly to the goaltender’s preference and playing style rather than their height. The most important measurement, when purchasing a new goal stick, is the paddle height (the wide portion of the stick), which is usually taken from the heel of the stick to the shaft/paddle interface. The reason for the paddle height’s significance is because it sets up the goaltender’s depth in the ready stance and (if properly sized) positions the blocker in an optimal position.

Sizing Your Goalie Stick
To start analyzing the size of your goalie stick, put on your goalie skates to get an accurate height of where you will be in your stance. If you’re looking to be even more accurate, strap on your goalie pads and blocker as well. Once that is done, get comfortable in your natural stance (the one you’d be in during a majority of gameplay) and look for the following:
1. The entire blade of the stick is flush with the ground while being 1’ - 2’ in front of your feet
2. After getting your stick into the flush position, check that the inside edge of the blocker hand sits on the outside edge of the goal pad (this is while holding just above the paddle).

Goalie Stick Sizing Considerations
Goalie Stick sizing can be very subjective compared to other pieces of equipment. The reason for this is the ambiguity of each goaltenders ‘natural stance’, especially with younger goaltenders. It is rather common for children to use taller sticks in comparison to their height, as their stance depth isn’t usually as aggressive as a seasoned goalie.

The shaft length of a goalie stick is usually best left at its stock length, as it serves to counteract the weight of the blade and ideally place the center of gravity at the top of the paddle. The one exception to this rule is for advanced puck handlers, cutting the shaft will allow more power transfer when shooting as a result of being able to keep the blade flush to the ice while near the goaltender’s feet.

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