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Brian's OPTiK 9.0 Junior Goalie Leg Pads
Brian's OPTiK 9.0 Junior Goalie Leg Pads

Brian's OPTiK 9.0 Junior Goalie Leg Pads

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The Brian's Optik 9.0 goal pads are a performance level pad from Brian’s that brings many of the advantages of the Optik Pro to a much lower price point, making Brian’s quality more available to the masses.

External Material
The Optik 9.0 leg pad uses very traditional Brian’s synthetic leather for the outside of the pad. Anyone who has touched a Brian’s pad before knows this is a good thing. The inside sliding edge also has a weave surface to increase sliding speed and limit friction, similarly to the Primo found on Brian’s pro offerings

Internal Construction
The internal construction of the Optik 9.0 hockey pad is much better than the price point leads on. The pad is has solid HD internals similar to the Optik pro. The solid core has some flex too it so it is softer than most pads that offer similar construction. The outer roll of the pad is also streamlined to increase weight savings as well as offer a bit softer of a pad flex.

Pad Break
The Optik 9.0 junior goalie pads don’t offer any pad breaks, however the pad is not as stiff as “no break” would make it seem. The internal flex and streamlined outer roll means that the pad has good flex despite having no external pad breaks.

Boot Angle & Toe Taper
The boot of the Optik 9.0 goalie pad is slightly above 90* and is similar in stiffness to the front facing of the pad. This angle with help with the direction of pucks to the corners, and make sure the pad doesn’t settle as much as an extremely soft boot would.

Knee Cradle
The knee cradle is a full nylon design to help with pad rotation. The large landing surface ensures that goalies will not slip off during play and the strap behind the knee allows goalies to have a tighter pad feel overall, or drop down to the calf to allow for a more open feeling.

Knee & Thigh Protection
The Optik 9.0 junior goalie pads do not offer any included thigh and knee protection, but do come equipped with a tab to install G-NETik 2 knee pads with a velcro attachment if you are looking for a pad attached knee protector.

The strapping on the Optik 9.0 is very similar to its older siblings the G-netik 8.0 and the Subzero 7.0. This is the traditional Smartstrap “Y” system that has been around modern Brian’s pads since velcro has been a viable option on goalie pads. This allows for extreme adjustability as well as extremely fast dressing and undressing. The system is tried and tested and has become on of the most recognizable in the industry.

Sizes & Colors
Brian’s Optik 9.0 will be available in a variety of sizes in junior. 27”+1” , 29”+1”. White and White/Black will be the colourways that are available for the pad.