Goalie Gear Reviews

CCM Axis 2 Leg Pad Review
The original Axis may have been a test drive for CCM and what they could do with stiff pads—and now with the Axis 2, we’ve come to the real deal. Taking what they learned from the original Axis and even the historical Premier series, these leg pads look to elevate your game to the next level… and have you looking great in the process.
Brian's G-NETik X5 Goalie Gear Review
For 2022, Brian's is making it easier for goalies of all skill levels to get in the game and bump up their play in the process. Brian's has demonstrated in the past and already even this year why they are one of the best of the best, and with the release of the G-NETik X5, Brian's further establishes themselves as committed to helping every goalie reach their full potential.
Bauer Supreme Mach Leg Pad Review
You’ve likely seen and learned about the existence of these pads already, whether that be from sneaky NHL appearances, inside leaks, or the rather stealthy switch from Bauer themselves on their online customizer. The Supreme Mach pads sound exactly as they perform—providing that explosive power and unmatched speed you need to reach the next level.
Vaughn SLR3 Pro Carbon Leg Pad Review

After a long wait full of leaked pictures, teasers, and pro gear sightings, the highly anticipated SLR3 Pro Carbon leg pads are finally here, and they are boasting some pretty impressive improvements over the pad they replace.

Bauer Vapor 3X Leg Pads Review
With the release of all the impressive new technologies and features in the Hyperlite pad, the midline 3X has been placed in the shadows. However, with the same StabiliFlex knee block, upgraded materials and a lightweight core, the 3X is by far the best iteration of a pro pad at a mid line price point we’ve ever seen.
CCM Axis Goal Pads on-ice Review
To ring in the new decade, CCM brings us the all-new Axis line of equipment. This line not only waves goodbye to Premier but also parts ways with Lefevre as their gear designer. This new line brings in a ton of major improvements and features to bring out the best in any goalie who wears them.
Bauer Supreme 3S Leg Pad Review
Bauer is a hockey powerhouse and while they produce some of the best pro gear, including this year's UltraSonic line, they have also improved their second price point line, the Bauer Supreme 3S.
Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Goal Leg Pad Review
With the Ritual G5 line, Warrior has continued to improve on their already impressive track record of providing functional innovation. The G5 Pro series also continues to be the lightest gear on the market which is no easy task with all suppliers now offering lightweight designs. Check out our review and what makes the latest gear from warrior stand out. 
CCM Axis A1.9 Leg Pad Review
To ring in 2020, CCM introduces the new Axis line and moves away from Lefevre and the Premier line. Along with the Axis, CCM introduces the Axis 1.9 and Axis 1.5 as their senior and entry-level pad. Featuring a new flex profile, redesigned boot and lighter core, this pad is sure to impress and perform for any level.
Bauer Ultrasonic Leg Pad First Look Review
New locked in knee block, new strapping top to bottom, adjusted flex profiles, and multiple new custom options. Check out our first look review from the latest pads from Bauer.
Brian's Optik 2 Pro Leg Pad Review
After the success of the original Optik series from 2017, this year Brian’s improves on much loved features while also borrowing technology from their recent G-Netik 4 pads. Sticking with Opti-slide technology, introducing a new stiffness and strapping, and the addition of Brian’s smart cord toe system, this pad brings all the best into one package.
Warrior GT2 Pro Leg Pad Review
The second iteration of the Warrior’s GT line, the GT2 series, is a tweaked version of the original GT gear. No crazy changes, but instead, some key refinements and crossover tech from last year’s G4 launch.  For a second-generation launch this is what we would expect, and overall we’re quite pleased with the changes. 
Vaughn SLR2 Pro Carbon Leg Pad Review
New for 2019, the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 series is looking to shake things up for Vaughn. Most view Vaughn as a master of classic goalie design, and the latest Ventus line has some innovative design features that step away from that traditional philosophy. The Velocity line by Vaughn has always been their bread and butter, but we were super impressed by the SLR line in 2017, and even more so now with the SLR2 line. I was able to test these out wanted to share my thoughts. Let’s get into the details. 
Bauer Reactor 9000 Leg Pad Review
For this review we enlisted the help of Angelo Maggio from Magic Hockey for his feedback. With over 34 years of experience Angelo runs a successful goal school based out of Langley, BC and knows Bauer goal gear as good as anybody in the biz.