Brian's G-NETik X5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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The G-NETik X5 goalie leg pads take inspiration from the high-end G-NETik V in a more affordable stock pad. It includes many technologies from the V, among others, including a Primo Sliding Edge, G-NETik V-style strapping, a Suede knee cradle, and Smart Cord strapping. The X5 looks to upgrade your game, no matter the level you play at.

External Material
The X5 uses Jenpro synthetic leather on the exterior, a classic choice for goalie gear due to its water resistance and overall durability. The inside sidewall uses a Primo Slide surface, reminiscent of Brian’s older pro pad lines. Primo at this level offers a huge advantage to goalies, particularly younger ones, due to its highly competitive sliding capabilities.

Internal Construction
The internal core of the X5 has been optimized for more flexibility in a similar fashion to the top-of-the-line G-NETik V pads. The internal knee rolls have been modified to add some extra flex to the flat face construction at the knee. The thigh area has been stiffened on the X5 to better preserve the S-curve shape of the pad.

Pad Break
The X5 has a single knee break below the knee for solid flexibility while allowing for more rigidity and toughness around the thigh. This helps the pads continue to ensure a strong seal along the ice.

Boot Angle & Toe Taper
Brian’s leg pads stick with an 80° toe taper in the X5 for smooth transitions and pushes without the pad accidentally getting in the way. The X5 uses a fairly flat boot style for increased comfort and better affinity with your natural leg shape. The boot break is softer on these pads, so they can maneuver more with you while you play.

Knee Cradle 
The X5 uses a Suede knee cradle for a smooth, comfortable, and traditional feel. Har-Suede is used often in hockey protectives for goalies and players alike for its soft texture and overall durability, meaning you will be receiving some of the best premium knee cradle liners on the market at an affordable price with the X5. The knee flare on the pads is removable for increased customizability, and the pads are compatible with Brian’s Pro 2 Knee pad system (sold separately).

The 5X used the G-NETik V and Optik X2 pads as inspiration for the strapping systems found on these pads. For increased rotation while keeping the pads secure to your leg, the X5 employs two main Dual Option Knee straps on the back and an additional internal strap to hug your lower leg. Besides the standard V strapping, the X5 also uses an elastic Smart Cord toe tie and Smart Boot strap.

Colors, Sizes & Customization
The Brian's G-NETik X5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads come in sizes 33+1, 34+1, 35+1, and 36+1, and the following colourways: White, White/Black, White/Black/Red, White/Blue, and White/Red.

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Boot Angle90º
External MaterialJenpro Synthetic Leather
Heel & Toe AttachmentSmart Cord
Smart Boot
Elastic Toe Ties
Internal ConstructionFlexible Core
Knee & Calf StrappingDual Option Knee Strap
G-NETik V-style Calf Wrap
Knee CradleHar-Suede
Knee & Thigh ProtectionNot Included
Pad BreakSingle Below Knee
Toe Taper80º
Warranty6 Months
Brian's Leg Pad Sizing Chart
Leg Pad Size
Ankle-To-Knee Measurement
Thigh Rise
21" 12" 6.5"
23" 13.5" 7"
25" 14.5" 7.5"
27+1" 15.5" 9"
29+1" 16" 10"
30+1" 16" 10.5"
31+1" 16.5" 10.5"
32+1" 17" 11"
33+1" 17.5" 11"
34+1" 18" 11"
35+1" 18" 12"
36+1" 19" 12"
37+1" 19" 13"
38+1" 20" 13"

Goalie Leg Pads Sizing

Deciding your Goalie Pads size is crucial for having total control while moving in the crease. Sizing your pads properly is the difference between getting that perfect seal on your butterfly, and feeling clunky or unprotected in the net. Below we have compiled some information to better assist you in deciding which size is right for you.

Ankle-To-Knee Measurement
Your Ankle-To-Knee measurement will give you a good indication as to what "Pad Size" you will need. This measurement can be matched up with the provided sizing chart above.

How to Measure your Ankle-To-Knee

    1. In your bare feet, place the soft measuring tape at the inside of the inside of your ankle.
    2. Slightly bend your knee.
    3. Run the soft measuring tape up your shin, to the middle of your knee.
    4. Match your Ankle-To-Knee measurement with the provided sizing chart

What to look for when trying on your new pads.
Once you have your new leg pads, you’ll need to make sure they fit you properly. To do so, you’ll need to put the pads on with your skates. There a couple things to do to check size, once you have the pads on:
1. Stand straight and bring your feet together. This will show you the overall height of the pad, while on. Your pads should not be taller than your hips. Ideally you want the top of your pad at the half-way point of your thighs. A pad fitted for a young growing goaltender can be a little taller, so a little above the half-way point is normal.
2. Next you want to get in your stance, keep your hands in a ready position, and drop to your butterfly. Without moving your legs to correct your butterfly, bring your heels together. This is where you assess your knee position. For a proper fit, you want the middle of your knee to sit directly on the center of the knee stack. If you’re looking for growing room, you want the middle of your knee to land roughly 1.5” below the center of the knee stack (1” for JR).

Not getting a complete seal while in your butterfly?
If you're having trouble getting a full seal in your new pads, it may be the way you’re strapping them up. Make sure your boot strap and top straps (above knee) are loosened up a bit. The reason you want these straps loose is because they have a direct effect on the rotation of the pad. Having a loose boot strap makes it easy for your foot and ankle to rotate as the pad moves. Same goes for the top straps, as you don't want them pulling down too hard on the thigh rise.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Raelynn P. (Bellingham, US)
Fantastic price to pad quality

Going on 60 hours on ice.
Div 1-Div3 usage

Wear has been great, fit is fantastic, price is overwhelming win for product. Well worth.

Being not made in Canada had me worried, and switching from made in Canada Vaughn hybrid pads had me incredibly nervous.

Hands down great recommendation from staff.

Mark Smith (Toronto, CA)
Great pads, great value

The pads are the best sliding pads I have used. Put them on and only want to play more. Nice and stiff so far.

The service from the Hockey Shop was quick and pads came quickly. Tracking was great.

Over 30 years of pure hockey passion.
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