Bauer Supreme Matrix Junior Hockey Skates - The Hockey Shop Source For Sports
Bauer Supreme Matrix Junior Hockey Skates - The Hockey Shop Source For Sports
Bauer Supreme Matrix Junior Hockey Skates - The Hockey Shop Source For Sports
Bauer Supreme Matrix Junior Hockey Skates - The Hockey Shop Source For Sports
Bauer Supreme Matrix Junior Hockey Skates - The Hockey Shop Source For Sports

Bauer Supreme Matrix Junior Hockey Skates - 2022

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Those who have been fans of Source for Sports exclusive gear are in for a treat with Bauer’s new Supreme Matrix skates for 2022. Featuring Aerofoam technology, a Digi Comp quarter package, comfort edge padding, and the same boldness of the highest-end Mach skates, you can now empower your stride to the highest level at a more budget-friendly price.

Skate Fit Profile
The Matrix Junior skates come in sizes 1-3.5 and D and EE widths. D is a good size for regular-sized feet; wider feet may fit better in EE skates. The skates are also thermoformable, so you can bake the skates to fit closer to size.

Boot Construction & Stiffness Profile
The Digi Comp boot keeps the skates’ performance competitive without making it too stiff and difficult to skate in. For further reinforcement and stiffness at the bottom of the boot, the Matrix skate also has a Digi Comp outsole. As part of Bauer’s Supreme line, these skates have a high stiffness profile to withstand and cater to more powerful strides.

Liner & Internal Padding
For the Matrix, Bauer used a 1-pc hydrophobic liner in addition to a wear patch over the ankles to wick away moisture and repel odour while you play. Including this kind of liner ensures that you stay comfortable in your skates all game long without the potential distraction of a wet boot. The skates use Aerofoam Technology in the ankle padding, which is designed a bit thicker than conventional foam but is more form-fitting and thermoformable.

Asymmetrical Toe Cap
For a better overall fit and to negate any unused space within the boot, Bauer turned to using an asymmetrical toe cap, a concept that has been observed in previous high-end Bauer skates. This isn’t necessarily new technology, but Bauer went ahead with the Supreme Matrix skates and enhanced the toe further for an even better fit.

The tongue is made of an updated 40oz pro stock felt material with an injected metatarsal guard. This combination of comfort and protection is designed to form fit around and over the metatarsus area for extra coverage, and the thick felt coupled with the tough exterior help shield the front ankle area of your foot from harm while you play.

The skates use a Form Fit+ footbed complete with memory foam for premium comfort on the landing.

Lacing System
The Matrix uses a standard flex facing lace system along the eyelets with improved durability and reliability in the materials used.

Steel Runner, Holder & Blade Profile
To hold the blade in place, the Supreme Matrix skate employs a TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder, which is the same as it was in the previous highest-end Supreme Ultrasonic skates. For steel, the Matrix uses a Pulse Stainless Steel blade, which is highly durable with a solid glide.

Now onto the most exciting part: the new Matrix graphics. The Supreme Matrix boot looks very similar to the highest-end Mach in terms of the slick, black colouration and silver accents and logos. The accents depict cybernetic patterns along the sides in addition to Bauer’s new graphic logo on the heel.

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Sizes 1-3.5 Full & Half | D/EE
Quarter PackageDigi Comp | Comfort Edge Padding
Liner1-Piece Hydrophobic Liner | Wear Patch
Internal PaddingAerofoam
Tongue40oz Pro Stock Felt
InsolesHydrophobic Liner
OutsoleDigi Comp
Heat MoldableYes
HolderTUUK Lightspeed Edge
Steel Pulse SS
Holder Warranty365 Days
Boot & Steel Warranty90 Days
Bauer Junior Player Skates Sizing Chart
1 2.5 33.5 1.5 21
1.5 3 34 2 21.4
2 3.5 35 2.5 21.8
2.5 4 35.5 3 22.2
3 4.5 36 3.5 22.6
3.5 5 36.5 4 23.1

Hockey Player Skate Sizing Guide

    Things to consider:
  • Age
  • Measurement from longest point of foot (cm)

When sizing for the correct size of a skate, we always advise taking the measurements below from a sitting position and not standing upright. Additional weight on your foot/feet can skew your result and misrepresent your foot size. The reason for this is that as you put your full weight on your feet, the arch of your foot will collapse and cause your foot to appear wider or longer than it actually is.

As well, please be aware that skate sizes and shoes sizing do not match exactly. As a general guideline, skate's size 1 - 1 ½ sizes smaller than shoes.

It is ideal for a player to have a tight, snug fit both in length and width as this will provide the best performance and durability. If a skate is too big you will feel your feet slide around and you will not get the full performance out of the skates and can also develop calcium deposits - Haglund’s Deformity or “Bauer Bumps” for lack of a better term although this issue doesn’t only occur with Bauer models.

An Ideal Fit
Stand with your skates laced and your heel snug in the heel cup. Your toes should just barely feather the end of the toe box. Bend forward into a skating stance. Your toes should pull back slightly from the toe box. Once heat fit, your foot should slide back into the foams of the skate and the length you felt in your skating stance will more-or-less become you standing size.

To obtain the measurement above you will need a soft tape measure and a pen. Start by placing the tape measure flat along the ground in a straight line. Sitting in a chair, place your foot down with the longest point of your foot (usually big toe, or second toe) in line with the edge of the tape measure. Make sure you keep your weight off of your foot. Take a pen and mark the tape measure where the edge of your heel ends. Record this length in cm. This measurement will correspond with the sizing charts in each brand below, if you do not see your exact measurement, select the size with the next size increment above your measurement (i.e. you measure 24.9 cm, you would select 25.1 cm or Size 6).

Sizing Children for Growth Room
If you are purchasing skates for your child, it is common and usually recommended to add some additional room in the skate to increase the last, we recommend no more than 1 full size. Feet stop growing around ages 15 – 15 ½, and from ages 14 - 15 ½ we would recommend adding only half (1/2) a size in length. Follow the same measurement instructions as above, once you obtain your true size move up ½ or 1 size.

***Sizing of skates is very preference based and these measurements will not guarantee a fit that is right for you. Please use these as general guidelines, for the most accurate fit we always recommend getting measured by a professional skate fitter at our store or your local pro shop.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Destin (Calgary, CA)
Save your money and buy the M4

I just bought my son a pair of the Matrix junior skates, without doing any research before hand.
Once we got them home and had time time to look at them, it doesn’t really appear to have any major upgrade over the M4 other than a $20 difference in the steel. Is the digi composite really better than the 3d lasted composite?
My son recently outgrew a pair of True TF7s, and they were also $299 when we purchased them. I honestly feel like the True was a better skate for the money.
I think you can get a better skate for the same or similar money.

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