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Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Warrior has always been a company of innovation, and the release of the Warrior G4 Pro senior goalie pads they continue to push the boundaries of innovation in goaltending. The Warrior Ritual line has always been known for its exceptionally lightweight construction. With the addition of Warrior's HyperComp technology to the thigh-rise Warrior has also increased the durability and stiffness of the pad to match the modern lightweight feel it provides. This light weight has continued to be a primary facet of the Ritual G4 Pro senior goal pads along with some of the other new innovations they have included.

Firstly, Warrior has continued to offer their individual knee pad, rather than a thigh board or something attached to the pad. This is the only way to provide the absolute best protection and ensures that the goalies knee will be safe when using the Warrior G4 Pro leg pad. This isn't the only thing that the G4 Pro leg pads bring to the table however.

Pete Smith's biggest innovation with the Ritual G4 Pro senior goalie pads is the new AIRslide technology they have added to the sliding surface. AIRslide is the large slots they have shaped into the inner gusset. These slots are directed in the same direction that goalies are sliding in the butterfly position. By having less material to create drag on the ice as well as a place for snow build up to channel through Warrior has increased the slide speed compared to the Warrior Ritual G3 and GT while still maintaining the same material quality.

But what good is having a fast sliding pad if they aren't quick to get on the ice and seal? Warrior has though about this and has designed 360* ACTIVEdrop technology to incorporate into their leg channel. 360* ACTIVEdrop helps the pad drop lower while standing in an upright stance, covering more of the five-hole as well as placing the pad closer to the ice for a quicker drop to the butterfly position. Usually this speed is replicated by wearing pads with traditional strapping very loose. 360* ACTIVEdrop allows the pad to still provide secure and snug fit while also giving the advantage of the quicker drop.

Finally the Warrior Ritual G4 Pro goalie leg pads have one more piece of crucial technology that helps with their reputation of being innovators. This last new key feature is the RVH optimized outer roll. Have you ever seen a goalie get beaten in the RVH position on a wrap around, despite looking like they were completely sealed to the post? This is because traditional outer rolls allow for a big enough space for the puck to slip through along the ice when the goalie seals to the post with their ankle inside the net. The RVH optimized knee roll slims down the outer roll, as well as giving it a slight angle to allow the entire face of the pad to fit much closer to the post. Pucks sliding in along the ice is not something that goalies with the RItual G4 Pro senior leg pads will experience.

The Warrior G4 Pro leg pads exemplify the brand's tenacity perfectly. Unphased to make big changes in design, Pete Smith and the crew at Warrior are continually seeking to give goalies the largest advantage they can get in between the pipes.