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Vaughn Velocity Pro V Elite 2 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Vaughn Velocity Pro V Elite 2 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Vaughn Velocity Pro V Elite 2 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads
Vaughn Velocity Pro V Elite 2 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads

Vaughn Velocity Pro V Elite 2 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Vaughn’s Pro V Elite 2 Carbon senior goalie leg pads are the evolution of the older Pro V Elite. Utilizing the soft pad face of the VE8, and mating it to the SLR strapping to create a hybrid of the two. The Pro V Elite also features a brand new graphic to visually separate itself from the other Vaughn pads available.

External Material
The Pro V Elite Carbon features good old synthetic leather for most of the construction of the pad, as well as the traditional Vaughn Nylon and Airknit in the leg channel. The big feature here is the quickslide inner gusset, which lowers drag and increases the slidability of the pad massively.

Internal Construction
Vaughn has used an internal construction very similar to the VE8 pad in the Pro V Elite. It utilizes slightly more carbon in the area above the top break in the pad. This extra carbon helps to keep the shape of the pad over time as well as surface area in the butterfly.

Pad Break
Vaughn has decided to go with a single internal, single external break on the Pro V Elite to match the VE8 line of pads. The single break construction allow for a reasonable amount of flex for the goaltender, but still keeps an “arrowhead” shape when the goaltender drops into the butterfly directing pucks to the corners.

Boot Angle
The Pro V Elite 2 features a very deep 45* boot. This allows the pad to sit on top of the skate allowing for a very attached feeling through the boot of the pad. The flexible boot helps with puck control and maintaining a feeling of control over the pad itself.

Knee Cradle
The knee cradle of the Pro V Elite 2 pads is very similar to that of the SLR2. The PVE pad features a large stable knee block with a suede covering to prevent any slipping off the knee stack. The pad also features a removable knee flap if the goaltender prefers to strap down to the calf from the knee.

Knee & Thigh Protection
The PVE pads feature no included knee and thigh protection. The knee cradle offers a large caved out area that would be very appropriate for an individual knee pad however.

The Pro V Elite Carbon has a very similar lightweight strapping system that is seen on the SLR2. This strapping system features new bungee toe ties, for quick and easy attachment as well as more give. The most prominent feature of the SLR strapping is the RRC strap. This strap allows the pad to pivot at its balance point and drive into the ice even faster. The RRC also features a magnetic attachment system so there is no wear from Velcro on the inside of the leg channel.

Toe Taper
The Pro V Elite Carbon 2 pads feature a 90* toe taper, with just a slight rounding at the very tip. This 90* taper works well with the softer pads as the torsional flex always allows it to sit flat on the ice and provide the maximum amount of seal possible.

Sizes & Colors
The PVE pad will be available in sizes from 31+2” all the way to 37+1” and a huge array of colours to fit any team possible when custom ordered. Our in store stock will feature sizes 33+2 - 36+2 with some Wh/Sv/Bk, Wh/Wh/Wh, Wh/Bk/Rd and Wh/Bk/Bu colourways available.