Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Intermediate Composite Hockey Stick

Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Intermediate Composite Hockey Stick

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The square, double concave taper of the supreme power shaft thickens at the hosel to work with the Maximum Power Kick (MPK) flex profile to minimize shaft deflection during shots and optimize energy transfer. The 1S is of course offered in grip and clear finishes, but utilizes the 1S tactile to enhance grip without restricting slide motion. The 1S tactile is enhanced ribbing on the bottom edges of the shaft and is designed with a height and spacing that provides a more natural feel compared to the Tac-Spiral of the past. The stick is created using Bauer's industry leading monocomp technology, a single molding process that ensures performance and consistency between each stick. The process also helps to remove excess layers of material such as resins and foam to increase balance and provide a better overall feel. The shaft uses an ultra-lightweight and strong carbon fiber called TeXtreme which is 20% lighter than conventional carbon and eLASTech technology that features a resin with carbon nanotube reinforcements to extend the life of the stick and keep the ‘pop' lasting longer.

The 1S also features taper geometry that has a lower taper initiation for maximum output with minimum effort by keeping a stiffer lower shaft which pushed the kick point even higher. In other words, the 1S is extremely quick loading and provides a mid-kick for heavy shots and lots of power. The 1S also features a renew Core Blade Technology profile to reduce blade deflection and increase accuracy and power. With Renew, it is injected into the blade producing an enhanced feel and increasing your shot power. For durability, Renew Core acts as a filler in cracks or open seams throughout the blades life. This allows for the blade to last longer than in past years where instead of having an empty void, Renew fills in and takes away from the breakdown of the blade. To finish off the blade, Bauer uses their TeXtreme Carbon blade wrap to make for a durable and strong layer around the blade.

For more information about the 1S Hockey Stick, read our Bauer Supreme 1S Stick Review.

Feature Description
Brand Bauer
Series Supreme
Category Elite
Flex Options INT 75, 67, 60
Flex Point Mid-Kick profile
Grip Grip
Length INT 57
Made In China
Material TeXtreme Composite Construction
Shaft Construction Square Double Concave Walls
Taper Supreme Power Taper
Warranty 30 days

Hockey Player Stick Sizing & Information Guide

Sizing before Purchase

Stick length tends to be a preference, but you can use these general guidelines to help determine what is best for you. Sticks come in Senior, Intermediate, Junior and Youth lengths with corresponding flex options. You will need to consider your weight and height or the person you are buying for in order to choose the correct size. Junior, Youth and Intermediate sticks will have smaller shaft dimensions, making them easier for young players to hold and control.
A stick can always be cut down in length, and will usually be cut down for kids, however selecting too big of a size can hinder performance. For kids, junior, intermediate and senior all come in roughly standards length. Look at each and compare the height of the player. You will want to pick the closest length to their full height. Next look at the flex, each size has set flex options, you can think of these numbers as pounds of force. Typically, if the flex of the stick is too close to the player’s weight, the stick will be too stiff and with restrict performance.

Sizing after Purchase

Once you have received the stick you selected, it is time to make sure it is dialed in. To determine your proper height stand with your shoes off and the stick against your body with the toe on the ground. As a general rule of thumb we recommend sticks to come up to between your mouth and nose. For kids, or players who are still growing, the maximum height we recommend is eye level.

Mark the shaft of the stick where the height is desired and cut it down to length. Re-inserting the plug from the top if it is a composite stick. Keep in mind that the shorter you cut a stick, the stiffer it becomes. As a general rule, a stick increases 3% in stiffness for every inch cut off.

Information to Consider

Flex Options

Players want to be able to fully flex the stick. If a stick is too soft, the resulting shot will be inaccurate and weak. If a stick is too stiff, there will be no power behind the shot. Think of the flex number as pounds of force. This is the number of pounds that need to be put into the stick to fully flex it.

  • Senior Flexes: 75, 85, 95, 100, 110 - Shaft Dimensions: 3cm x 2 cm
  • Intermediate Flexes: 75, 70, 65, 60, 55 - Shaft Dimensions: 2.7cm x 1.7cm
  • Junior Flexes: 40, 45, 50 - Shaft Dimensions: 2.7cm x 1.7cm
  • Youth Flexes: 40, 30, 20 - Shaft Dimensions: 2.5cm x 1.5cm

  • Curve Options

    Players want to be able to fully flex the stick. If a stick is too soft, the resulting shot will be inaccurate and weak. If a stick is too stiff, there will be no power behind the shot. Think of the flex number as pounds of force. This is the number of pounds that need to be put into the stick to fully flex it.


    The blade lie describes the angle of the blade in relation to the shaft. A Lie 5 is a 135 degree angle and each lie increase is an angle decrease of 2 degrees (the higher the lie the greater the angle). A player’s body positioning impacts the lie needed. The straighter up the player stands, the more the toe of the blade will be on the ice. The deeper the player bends down the more heel of the blade will be on the ice. A lower lie is more recommended for a player that skates really bent over or uses a longer stick. A higher lie is recommended for a player that skates more upright and prefers a shorter stick.
    If you’re noticing too much wear on the heel or the toe of your stick then it might be a good idea to get a different lie. Go to a lower lie if you’re experiencing a lot of heel wear and go to a higher lie if that wear is appearing closer to the toe.

    Kick Point

    Mid-Kick sticks & Low-Kick sticks: a mid-kick stick will have a stiffer taper so that it flexes more in the middle of the shaft. These sticks have a longer loading time but offer a more powerful shot, perfect for players taking a lot of slap shots.
    A low-kick stick will have a stiffer middle of the shaft and softer taper so that it flexes at the bottom of the shaft closer to the blade. These sticks will have a much quicker release perfect for quick snap shots and writs shots.


    There are two options when it comes to the finish on sticks: clear or grip. A traditional clear finish on a stick will allow for easy movement of the players hand up and down the shaft of the stick. A grip option is a “sticky” feeling down the shaft that will give the player better control when shooting. Leaning into a slap shot, the grip option will not allow the stick to twist in the players hand when the stick makes contact with the puck for a more accurate shot. Grip on a stick is a personal preference option that each player will have a different opinion on.



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