Bauer Ultrasonic Hockey Skate Description

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Senior Hockey Skate replaces the Bauer 2S Pro Skates. Bauer has refitted and re-equipped the UltraSonic Skate with multiple additions, leaving its predecessor in the dust. With the new additions to the Ultrasonic, it has been a highly anticipated release for this skate. 

With focus shifting to a new fit style, explosive performance, eye catching graphics and loads of new features, the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Skate is top of its class. 

Performance Skate Fit System
Bauer’s Performance Skate Fit System is a revolutionary new way to fit skates. The traditional D and EE widths have now been replaced by Fit 1, Fit 2, and Fit 3. This might sound a bit confusing, however this will give you more skate options to wear in the Bauer family of skates, ultimately providing you with the perfect fitting skate.

Previously you made Bauer skate purchases based on the “Vapor Fit”, “Supreme Fit”, or “Nexus Fit”. Now all 3 skate fits are available to wear with “Supreme Features”, or “Vapor features”, whichever aligns with your preference. Below is how the new Bauer Skate Fit System compares to previous years of Bauer Skates. 

  • Fit 1 = Low Volume, Narrow Width (closest aligned to the Vapor fit profile)
  • Fit 2 = Medium Volume, Medium Width (closest aligned to the Supreme fit profile)
  • Fit 3 = High Volume, Wide Width (closest aligned to the Nexus fit profile)

Boot Construction/Stiffness Profile
Bauer has constructed the Supreme Ultrasonic with the focus on Pro and Elite level hockey players. The UltraSonic skate features Bauer’s 3D Lasted Carbon CURV Composite material. The CURV Material used in the Ultrasonic is the highest end, lightest weight and best thermal forming composite Bauer has designed. Comfort Edge Padding compliments the top of the boot to reduce bite when performing stops, starts and aggressive tight turns. 

Bauer has introduced a new feature exclusively to the Supreme line, with the flex of each skate geared towards matching the flex of the boot to the player's skating abilities. On the UltraSonic Senior hockey skate, the flex profile is stated to be 90 flex points, where its smaller sizes in the intermediate range are stated to be 85 flex points. With this flex profile integrated into the Ultrasonic boot, this will provide increased range of motion, heightened lateral and torsional stiffness which translate to the highest form of energy transfer. 

Unibody Technology Integrated w/ 3D lasted Carbon Curv Composite Boot
For the time Bauer has constructed skates, the process has been similar with material used from season to season. From the ground up you would see steel, holder, outsole, boot, tongue and laces. But this year, Bauer has introduced Unibody Technology Integrated with 3D lasted Carbon CURV Composite boot into the Ultrasonic Senior skate. This has taken the unnoticed outsole and redesigned it to enhance performance, torsional stiffness and durability. Bauer has taken the outsole and wrapped and merged the outsole to the bottom portion of the boot which, the Unibody Technology adds torsional stiffness to the boot allowing the player to enhance their energy transfer for a stronger stride.

Asymmetrical Toe Cap
With Bauer seeing great success in the Asymmetrical Toe cap they installed on the Vapor 2X Pro, they have added this toe cap to the Ultrasonic. With the data collected over the 400,000 scans, it has been proven to enhance the fit to players who fit the Supreme skate not just to the Vapor skate. This Asymmetrical Toe cap low volume reduces negative space and optimizes foot stability  which promotes explosive power transfer with every skate stride. 

Bauer has followed up this year's tongue after its co competitor line, Vapor, with the Reflex Pro with Dual Injected Inserts. With the 2S Pro tongue providing ample amount of padding, it did cause the player to lose flexibility and an awful amount of stiffness. The Ultrasonic resembles the Classic Felt tongue you would normally find in the myBauer custom option. The tongue includes an injected insert on the face to provide protection and comfort against lace bite and also gives the tongue spring in your stride.

Liner/Internal Padding
Since making big upgrades to multiple areas of the skate since the 2S Pro, the Ultrasonic comes out of the box with a game day ready comfort before heat molding. With the new Fit styles that Bauer has provided, getting in the Ultrasonic is seamless for any customer. The Ultrasonic features the Lock Fit Pro liner to provide grip, durability and moisture management for peak performance. Pairing with the Lock Fit Pro liner, Bauer has upgraded the internal foam to AeroFoam Pro memory foam which delivers a pillowy soft comfort while providing a snug ankle wrap. 

This will be the first season with newly introduced Tuuk Lightspeed Pulse Ti Blade on the Ultrasonic skate. What you will see in this steel compared to the LS5, is a new Titanium coating which delivers premium edge retention, a premium grade steel composition which allows for easier sharpening and increases the lifetime and durability of the blade. One addition to this steel that you did not have the option of doing on the LS5 is honing the steel. Bauer has used a high anti-corrosion finish which is strong enough to withstand a traditional honing stone. This season, you will receive a Power Profile which will only come when you buy the Ultrasonic. Bauer has built a strong working relationship with ProSharp and believes the Power Profile (Quad series) suits the Supreme line very well. You will maximize control, speed and more power from your stride all while being able to do so on a shallower sharpening. Any Pulse Ti steel you purchase aftermarket will be a generic profile for custom profile options done by us! 

The holder used on the Ultrasonic is the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge with quick release trigger system. This holder is the number one holder used by NHL and professional players everywhere. 

Redesigned Flex Tendon Guard
The Flex Tendon guard makes a return to the Ultrasonic with a face lift. From its predecessor, the 2S Pro, the Ultrasonic will have a redesigned tendon guard similar to the 2X Pro. The Flex Tendon will not have any inserts but does offer a similar flex profile you would normally see in medium insert from the 2S Pro. This provides a top notch level of support and flexibility which would suit explosive, elite level skaters well. 

Lacing System
This year for the Ultrasonic will be the first season wearing the Flex Facing Eyelet system. This eyelet system has been tried and true back to the basics, running a standard eyelet will allow the player to achieve more forward flexion. Combined with the Flex Tendon Guard, you will find that extra bit of power at the end of your stride with the increased range of motion that you would not typically in a fixed tendon guard.

Bauer has made an audacious move regarding the graphics of the Supreme Ultrasonic Senior skate. Normally the Supreme line has a base layer of mainly black with gold trim to add attention and pop to the eye. This year's sleek, asymmetrical boot has suited up in the same sleek black boot but with a large gold banner wrapping the ankle. This has definitely given the skate a charged up look compared to its older models in previous years.