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Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector

Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector

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The Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro chest protector is designed for a lightweight, comfortable feel with extreme adjustability to give the performance level goaltender a customized fit. Lightweight HD foams are used throughout offering good protection. Following along the lightweight theme, a durable mesh lines the exterior of the chest protector while Leather and QuickSlide accents are used to give the unit a sharp look while increasing durability in high wear areas. The body of the V9 Pro chest has been redesigned, bulking it up and squaring it off to expand coverage area in the chest, shoulders and ribs. The back pad uses HD foams to protect the goalie's spine while a new vertical height adjustment system combined with elastic side straps offering a customizable fit. Large shoulder cap cushions provide increased impact resistance underneath the large squared off shoulder floaters that are segmented offering maximum coverage while a new design holds them square and secure during play. The shoulders of the V9 Pro chest have been extended to increase protection in the armpits and shoulder area. The arms utilize a mesh construction allowing for superior flexibility and breathability which is combined with a flat front surface to increase their coverage compared to the VE8. A deeper profile arm with an outer bicep extension pad allows for added protection while an increased side profile to the arm floaters adds to the coverage area. The arm floaters feature a squared off, bulkier design that utilizes HD foams along with a mid bar pad that runs the width of the seam to reduce the risk of stingers. FInally, the elbow caps are made of HD foams that are designed to wrap the elbow offering superior protection and comfort.

External Material
The V9 Pro chest protector uses a mesh construction which allows for improved ventilation and flexibility. Leather and QuickSlide accents give the V9 Pro chest a sharp look and superior durability. 

Internal Foams
In the internals, Vaughn uses quality high density foams to give goalies a highly protective yet lightweight and comfortable chest protector. 

Shoulder Caps
The shoulder floaters of the V9 Pro have been redesigned to be larger and more squared off offering maximum coverage. The segmented, squared off floaters use an HD foam construction with a new design which holds them in place to maintain mobility. A new moulded shoulder cap with large cushions provides increased impact resistance. The armpit area is one that’s often overlooked however, Vaughn made sure to include an extended HD shoulder pad to increase coverage and protection. 

Adjustable Arms
The V9 Pro chest protector uses a large velcro strip to attach the arms allowing for precise arm length and position adjustment. The arms themselves feature a flat front surface and a deeper inside profile which increases their coverage and wrap. A wider, HD foam constructed arm floater adds coverage while its segmented design provides better flexibility while a bar pad in the seam and a strengthened bicep pad reduces the risk of stingers in the arm.

Elbow Caps.
Vaughn uses an HD foam elbow cap to give goalies a soft, comfortable feel while not sacrificing protection. The back of the arms in the V9 Pro have been extended to increase their wrap and protection. 

Back Straps
The strapping on the V9 Pro uses a vertical adjustment system allowing for a more refined fit compared to older Velocity chest guards. The sides of the torso and the back of the V9 Pro are arms are all adjustable with elastic straps that offer adjustability where they can be cinched down to offer a tight, connected fit or worn looser. 

Sizes & Colors
The Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Senior Chest Protector is available in senior XS, S, M, L and XL sizing.