CCM Snipers Edge Training Dangle Stickhandling 3-Ball Set

CCM Snipers Edge Training Dangle Stickhandling 3-Ball Set

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Become an extreme dangler with the Dangle Balls by Snipers Edge Hockey. Developed specially for hockey players, these stickhandling balls give you everything you need to develop your own set of silky mitts. Each ball in the set serves a specific purpose, which is what makes this such a great combo vs. the competition who just offers up the same ball in different colors. You can select one specific ball to hone in on a certain skill, or buy all 4 to become an extreme #dangler

All Snipers Edge training balls work great on any hard surface, and can be used at home in the driveway, garage, or any other surface. These balls pair well with the SweetHands stickhandling trainer and Slick Tiles. Can also be used as a great pre-game warm-up routine.

MUSCLE BALL (Chrome Ball)

  • 3 x the weight of a puck (18.85 oz)
  • Designed to help players of all ages develop the hand and wrist strength needed to become a stellar stickhandler.
  • After stickhandling with the Muscle Ball stickhandling with a puck feels like a feather

SKILLZ BALL (Orange Ball)

  • The SkillzBall is about the same weight as a regulation puck (6 oz)
  • Helps develop proper stickhandling technique using the top hand wrist roll
  • Best known as an “everyday” ball

SPEED BALL (Yellow Ball)

  • Much lighter than a puck, weighing in at a little over 2 oz.
  • Develop lightning-quick hands by practicing stickhandling with the SpeedBall.
  • Engrains muscle memory



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