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CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Senior Custom Hockey Skates

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Senior Custom Hockey Skates

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At The Hockey Shop, we have all the tools to make your Custom Hockey Skates a reality. We have fully trained skate fitting specialists to walk you through the process step by step. Because of the nature of this purchase, and needing your feet present to be scanned, all CCM Custom Hockey Skates must be done in-store.

The Hockey Shop is proud to offer you the CCM Total Custom & Total Custom Plus Custom Fit Hockey Skates. The CCM 3D Fit Scanner is an in-store process that allows us to make a digital image of your foot. Once we have the scan completed, we let you pick your custom options. The end result is a fully customized pair of skates, made specifically for your feet, the way you envisioned them. 

How It Works
We first ask that you book an appointment with one of our Skate Fitting Specialists, to make sure you are getting the best experience possible. This way we know you're coming and are fully prepared to give you the experience and attention your custom skates deserve. (Email or Call 604-589-8299 to book your Custom Skate Fitting Appointment)

When you come in for your custom skate fit, we will ask you a series of questions to get a good feel for what kind of skates you have been wearing, what model you're looking for, and any previous issues that are concerning you in regards to your feet. When we do your 3D foot scan, the CCM 3D Fit scanner will give us a suggested model based on your foot dimensions, however the model you choose is 100% your decision. 

The actual scan itself only takes approximately 10-15 seconds for the 3D Fit Scanner to collect the information it needs. Once the scan is complete, like previously mentioned it will give you a Best Recommended Fit, which includes Model of Skate, Size and Width. You will also be able to see a screen with your Advanced Foot Analysis, as no two feet are ever perfectly the same. In some cases, your custom skates may get sized differently from your left to your right.

Once you've settled on your Skate model and Sizing, the skate becomes your custom palette. The following are just a few options available to you to customize.

Boot Volume Options

Tongue Options

Steel Options

Options Covered Under Total Custom

CCM XS Holders are the only skate holders offered on CCM Custom Skates currently.

Internal Foams
You have the option in adding Ankle Padding Donuts to the stock internal foams. This provides an additional level of comfort and support to customers that need additional wrap around their Ankle Bones and Achilles area.

Boot Sizing
When ordering Total Custom CCM Hockey Skates, you have the ability to order your skates in 1/4 sizing, giving you the performance fit you're looking for. As well, you are also able to order two completely different sized skates for your left and right feet. This is a key feature as we have found a good portion of our custom fit customers end up getting two skates that fit slightly different from each other. But rest assured, the steel and holders will be the same size, so it shouldn't effect your performance on the ice.

Name & Number Embroidery
CCM gives you the option to personalize your skates with custom embroidery on the tongue (examples provided on the Tongue Option image). You are allowed to personalize your skates with a name or number, up to 12 characters long.

CCM Gives you the option between Waxed and Non Wax laces being sent with your custom skates.

CCM Total Custom Hockey Skates come with a Black Clarino liner, which is different from the stock AS3 Skates. This is a more traditional Hydrophobic style liner. Any changes to the liner would fall under the Total Custom Plus custom options.

Steel Options
CCM is now offering their skates with 2 different STEP steel options. The standard price for Total Custom comes with STEP stainless steel. If you want to upgrade to STEP BlackSteel there is an additional $60 upcharge.

CCM is also offering Personalized Engraving on their steel. This is also an extra $60 upcharge for this option.

Options Covered Under Total Custom Plus

Extra Boot Stiffness
CCM provides 4 different levels of stiffness when ordering custom skates. Stock CCM skates come in at a level 2. CCM offers a Pro and a Pro Stiff boot stiffness, which falls under Total Custom Plus.

Custom Boot Cut
The Total Custom Plus gives you the ability to raise the height of the boot. CCm provides 2 Custom Boot Cut options; 3mm or 9mm. 

Lower Boot Volume
For players with a shallow volume, CCM has the option to reduce the amount of volume in the fit of the boot. This option falls under the Total Custom Plus program.

Any Liner Change
All CCM custom hockey skates come stock with a Clarino liner. There are other options available, including differnet materials and colours. These changes would fall under the Total Custom Plus price point.

CCM offers their old school lacelock system on Total Custom Plus skates. This is a locking mechanism that replaces an eyelet on your skate, giving you a consistent hold throughout your game or practice.