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Bauer Vapor HyperLite Senior Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor HyperLite Senior Hockey Stick

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The Bauer Vapor HyperLite SR Hockey Stick is one of the most exciting releases from Bauer as of late. The Hyperlite is loaded with new upgrades to maximize energy. This Vapor release combines the ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) technology and Bauer’s XE Taper to allow players to lean into their shot 10% easier than before. By decreasing the weight of the stick to an astonishing 385 grams, Bauer was able to improve release speed, blade design, durability by 20%, and a shaft lay-up that is 5% tougher on impacts. Simply put, this is the best Vapor feel Bauer has ever brought to the market. 

Stick Flex Profile
True low kick point profile with XE Taper technology for quicker loading and enhanced recoil. Bauer has made it possible for players to be able to lean into their shot 10% easier than the Flylite. By doing this and reducing the weight, players will have a 10% improvement in getting their shot off before goalies even have time to react.

Shaft Construction
The Hyperlite features pro level monocomp shaft construction technology. The shaft of the Hyperlite also uses ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering). This technology utilizes thinner and stronger carbon fiber layering that brings the overall weight of the stick down without sacrificing durability. At 385 grams, the Hyperlite feels incredibly well balanced and lightweight. 

The shaft also utilizes the XE Taper technology. With this feature you will notice that the taper is much thinner and has rounded edges along the top and bottom of the shaft. The XE Taper serves a few different purposes. Firstly, the thinner profile requires less material to construct which reduces weight. Secondly, the stiff lower hosel prevents torsional flex when shooting to keep the blade face square to the target. The middle portion of the taper is slightly softer which amplifies the load and release system. Bauer has utilized asymmetrical texturing along the shaft of the stick. Bauer specifically designed the TeXtreme to be rectangular to improve players' energy transfer when shooting. Lastly, Bauer has also incorporated their DuraFlex Resin System which allows you to lean heavier into your shot.

Blade Construction & Stiffness
Bauer has made it their mission to improve the durability of the blade by increasing the blade thickness. The same core and construction as the Flylite has been used, but the weight reduction throughout the rest of the stick allowed Bauer to beef up the blade without changing the way the blade performs or feels. 

They did this by utilizing the all new Hypercore Blade. This significantly increases the toughness of the blade and allows it to have a longer lasting blade pop.

The Hyperlite has gleaned from the previous Flylite with some subtle changes. Bauer decided to black out the lower portion of the stick while still maintaining the familiar Vapor red and silver colour scheme with a pop of neon green highlights throughout. 

Blade Patterns, Flex & Stick Length
At the Hyperlite price point - the P92M is available. The ‘M’ notion indicated max blade height for the P92 pattern. This is the maximum nade height allowed from heel-to-toe - ultimately creating more surface area for the player to make plays on the ice. This is extremely beneficial in face-offs, and tipping pucks.

102 Flex (P88, P92, P28, P92M), L/R - 60”
87 Flex (P88, P92, P28, P92M), L/R - 60”
77 Flex (P88, P92, P28, P92M), L/R - 60”
70 Flex (P88, P92, P28, P92M), L/R - 60”