Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pant Review
The Warrior Ritual X2 pro goal pants touch on areas that needed improvement without changing the pants too much from their predecessor.
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Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pant Review

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Written By: Jonothan Holloway.

The Warrior Ritual X2 pro goal pants touch on areas that needed improvement without changing the pants too much from their predecessor. The X2 pants feature new HyperComp enhanced FlexPlates to improve the durability and protection in those areas. The X2 pants have also maximized the thigh protection as well as reinforced any high wear areas on the pants. Comfortable and free feeling, the pants have already attracted more and more goalies to try out Warrior and there’s no quit in sight as these new X2 pants look to be popular going into the 2019 season.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

HyperComp reinforced Flex Plates

The mechanics of Warriors gear impresses me each year as they make gear that can look bulky or unnatural but perform seamlessly together without any interference problems. The FlexPlates are a prime example of this as Warrior has incorporated overlapping protection designed to move with you when dropping and moving in the butterfly. (add flexplate diagram from catalog) Warrior has added HyperComp into the FlexPlates to increase protection while maintaining full range of motion and still being protected without weak spots.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

Maximized Thigh Protection

If you’ve already worn these pants, you know the large barrel like leg channel. The newly maximized thigh protection creates a larger leg barrel, offering great protection along with a big presence in net. Though these pants are big, they remain mobile and are designed to be very open in the leg, preventing any interference with even bulkiest of knee pads. From a durability stand point, Warrior did make another improvement by reinforcing the bottom binding with leather, protecting from knee pad and leg pad Velcro that can sometimes chew up and fray the seam.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

AxyCut Technology

Another area that involves impressive engineering and design is the AxyCut Technology in the pants. This design eliminates interference and bunching between the pants and leg pads when transitioning from your stance to the butterfly. This may seem like a common feature of goalie pants, but with how large the thigh area of the X2 pants are, this is crucial for ensuring seamless movement and guaranteeing top performance.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

Internal Belt System

As seen with most goalie pants now, the Warrior Ritual X2 pants also have an inner belt system to keep the pants positioned on your waist without the need for suspenders. The biggest perk of this system is the ability to control the fit, enabling you to tuck your chest or letting it float over the pants. If you prefer a more traditional fit, Warrior has also made the belt removeable.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

Waist closure/fit

The pants are designed to taper in at the waist, sealing to your body and letting your chest fit overtop effortlessly. If you prefer tucking in your chest, by doing up the internal belt only and leaving the rest of the pant straps loose, the pants will somewhat taper out allowing the perfect tuck.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

Knee Pad Attachment

The Warrior Ritual X2 pants have a spot to attach your knee pad by lace. Designed for Warrior knee pads, this feature can work with other knee pads that have the option to be laced in too.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

Other Models

The senior and intermediate models are very similar to the pro model, providing an almost identical fit and weight. Warrior has put extra focus into their price-point gear to ensure no matter what your budget is, you can still wear comfortable protective equipment. As for the X2 pants, the pro model includes HyperComp reinforcements and reinforced high wear areas such as the stitching and inner thigh.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

The other X2 models feature all the same improvements as the pro, rendering it very similar except for the lack of HyperComp. Overall, which ever model you choose to go for, you will be getting a very well performing pant that won’t leave you disappointed.

Warrior RX2 Pro Goal Pants

Final Thoughts

With Warriors growing popularity in the goalie market, the pants are no exception when it comes to gear that Warrior improved for 2019. The pants are similar to the original Ritual X pants, with upgrades in certain key areas such as reinforced HyperComp FlexPlates to improve protection and durability. Other improvements include maximum thigh protection, reinforced high wear areas to promote longer life and AxyCut technology to improve performance. With how many goalies are switching to Warrior, there’s no doubt these pants will attract the market.

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