Warrior Ritual M2 Pro+ Goalie Stick Review

March 9 || Written by Cedric Hastings

Warrior’s M2 Pro+ goalie stick has some rather sizable shoes to fill. With the previous M1 and V2 series of sticks, Warrior has shaped itself to be one of the top brands for goalie sticks on the market today. And with the M2 Pro+, coming in at 609g—Warrior’s lightest stick to date—and with their most advanced Minimus Carbon weave, this goal stick is looking to tackle that elite legacy with great enthusiasm.

Lightweight Minimus Carbon

Sitting at 609 grams, the M2 Pro+ is no slouch when it comes to the search for the lightest stick. While Warrior uses the same Minimus Carbon 25 seen on the V2, a combination of Minimus and HiFused construction methods helps shed weight and allows them to incorporate a low kick point, permitting a quicker release.

SlideGrip Tech

 SlideGrip tech is once again seen on Warrior’s newest goalie stick. This provides the goalie with added grip and stability without taking away the ability for a poke check. One difference we see on the M2’s grip compared to the V2 is the smooth shaft. The V2 had a ribbed shaft, which helps the goalie better control their poke check. The M2, rather, uses a smooth shaft with no grip designed to help increase the speed at which the goalie can slide their blocker up to play the puck or poke the puck off a player's stick.

Impact Fiber Layer

The Impact Fiber Layer is a returning technology seen in both M- and V-series goalie sticks. In essence, it involves adding an extra layer of carbon fibre over the shaft for increased protection and durability. Goalie stick shafts don’t break that often when they do—and especially mid-play—it can get difficult to keep up with the game. Many goalies also use the shaft to make saves, and having that extra protection in the shaft during those clutch moments could be the difference between a highlight reel save and a goal against.

HiFused Construction

HiFused construction is the fusing of the paddle and shaft at a strategic location to provide a perfectly balanced feel in hand while resisting twist upon impact and when shooting. When combined with Minimus geometry, this construction method also gives the stick its low kick point, which is designed for goalies who want a quick release and rise to their shots.

Minimus Construction

Just like that of the Ritual M1 sticks, we see the Minimus Construction on the M2’s paddle. Minimus Construction is a geometric design that makes for improved energy transfer and a softer flex and feel. The benefit to this construction method is in its ability to build a stick with a lower kick point, which gives it a quicker release and helps the puck rise off your stick faster—a helpful feature in tight areas like behind the net or when there is a forechecker incoming.

Minimus Geometry

Different from their Minimus Carbon weave, the M2 line uses Minimus Geometry in the paddle to create one of the most effortless sticks to shoot that we’ve seen to date. Minimus Geometry is a design that allows the energy you put into the stick when shooting to be driven down to the low kick point more quickly and efficiently, giving the M2 sticks their effortless shot. It is thanks to this technology that the M2 stick also allows goalies to elevate the puck off the ice much easier—an innovative way to pass quickly as needed, as well as when working in tight areas around the net where getting the puck off the ice faster is a must.

Colours & Customizability

The M2 takes a page out of the V2’s book when it comes to style. Both sticks feature a black base with shiny silver accents. Where they differ is in the finish; the M2 utilizes a more subtle, textured matte finish, giving the stick a rather unique look. Although the stock black/silver colourway is all that is currently available at this time, we expect Warrior to roll out their customizer in the near future, which will up all sorts of custom options.

M2 Pro+

This stick is for the elite-level goaltender looking for the lightest stick with the highest-end features. We see top-end materials and technologies in the M2 Pro+, like Minimus Carbon 25, SlideGrip, Impact Fiber Layering, Minimus Geometry, and a HiFused construction, all combined to create Warrior’s lightest stick to date while retaining the toughness needed to predictably handle elite-level play.

M2 Pro

The M2 Pro may be a step down from the Pro+, but it is still an elite-level stick that packs many premium features into a more affordable price point. Minimus Carbon 12 makes it slightly heavier than the Pro+, though it retains all of the high-end features such as the SlideGrip, Minimus Geometry, Impact Fiber Layer, and HiFused construction, making it a great value if your budget doesn’t quite encompass the M2 Pro+.



M2 E+

The M2 E+ is a great option for the goalie looking for a performance-level stick that balances durability and great performance. Built with Minimus Carbon UD and retaining features like SlideGrip, Minimus Geometry, HiFused construction, and an Impact Fiber Layer, the M2 E+ is a great budget-friendly stick for the competitive goaltender.

M2 E

Sitting at the entry price point for Warrior’s new M line of sticks, the M2 E brings features like Minimus Carbon, SlideGrip, Minimus Geometry, HiFused Construction, and Impact Fiber Layer all at an incredible value. It is also available in a variety of colours, such as black/silver, silver/black, silver/red, and silver/blue, allowing goalies to match their set without breaking the bank on a custom stick.

Final Thoughts

Whether it be the elite-level, ultra-lightweight M2 Pro+, or the durable, value-packed M2 E, there is an M2 stick for every goalie, no matter your budget or level of play. Using features such as Minimus Geometry, SlideGrip, HiFused construction, and an extra Impact Layer in the shaft in each of the four price points, the M2 is definitely worth a second look if you’re in the market for a new stick.

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