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THS Spec Custom Chest & Arm Review
THS Spec Custom Chest & Arm Review

Here at The Hockey Shop, we take pride in having one of the largest gear selections in Canada, and how it enables us to find the right product for our customers. Our growth as a company, as well as being a member of Source for Sports buying group, has also allowed us bring in unique products for our customers. These products are known as Source Exclusive and The Hockey Shop Spec (THS Spec).

THS Spec Chest & Arm

Currently, we have four unique chest & arms at The Shop: Brian’s G-NETik Pro and SubZero Pro II; CCM Premier - Source Exclusive; and the Vaughn V6 2200 - THS Spec.

Brian’s G-NETik Pro and SubZero Pro II

When we first think of Brian’s we think custom, which makes sense since they’re The Custom Goal Company. Both the G-NETik Pro and SubZero Pro II units are already exceptional, and no specification changes are really needed. Brian’s has designed both of these chests with multi-density E-Foam—no plastic is used in the completion of these two chest & arms. Lightweight air knit material, which increases ventilation, is used to line the exterior of the units, and the inside is lined with Brian’s anti-bacterial X-Static liner.

 Chest & Arm

Because the two chest & arms are built to pro specifications, we don’t feel the need to change anything on that end. However, thanks to Brian’s being the King of Custom, we brought in custom coloured chest & arms to spice up your style.

Brian's G-netik Chest & Arm

Our G-NETik chest & arm features black air knit with red trim, while our SubZero Pro II has black air knit with sport gold trim and graphics. We also have both these chest & arms in all black.

Brian's Subzero Chest & Arm  Chest & Arm  Chest & Arm

CCM Premier Senior – Source Exclusive

At first sight, it is very hard to see the difference between CCM’s Premier Pro and Senior chest & arms. In fact, when most of us tried on the two units for the first time, we couldn’t even tell the difference! But, of course, internally is where the two differentiate. While both units feature HD foam construction and molded PE foam forearm blocks, the Premier Pro has molded wrap around bicep and forearm protection, and the sternum plate features CCM’s new D30 that features state of the art absorption properties.

CCM Premier Chest & Arm

D30 is a pretty big deal for CCM. CCM (Reebok) has produced many foams for their past Premier lines, most recently being the XLT’s Cross Link Foam Technology. D30 is a major feature in the Premier Pro chest & arm, because quality sternum protection is essential; therefore, sternum protection should be considered a feature throughout Premier.

CCM Premier Chest & Arm

Our Source Exclusive chest & arms feature a PE foam reinforced sternum plate, providing a stiffer sternum plate than related chest & arms. This, in turn, allows us to offer a mid-range chest & arm with closer to pro features.

CCM Premier Chest & Arm CCM Premier Chest & Arm

Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 – THS Spec

If you're in the market for a good mix of everything, then our THS Spec V6 2200 chest & arm is right for you. This unit has all the features to bring your game to the next level: pro spec protection, lightweight, and mobile. The anticipation for Vaughn's latest Velocity line was built around their use of carbon fiber, to make the gear lighter, more protective and stay in good condition for longer.

Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Chest & Arm

So, the 2200 chest & arm is constructed with ultra-high density foam segments that cover high impact carbon fiber protective plates, while the core is constructed with layers of kevlar aramid ballistic material that is sewn into a ballistic style unit. Yes, this is starting to sound like the construction of a bulletproof vest.

Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Chest & Arm

The arms are made with of a dimensional aero-spacer mesh base, and feature ultra-high density molded arm caps with increased.

Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Chest & Arm

The shoulder floaters on the V6 2200 are familiar to Vaughn users, too; Vaughn uses the design of the old V3 7500 shoulder floaters, updated with new ultra-high density foam and air cushion support. And, of course, the shoulder floaters incorporate carbon fiber shields to further increase protection.

Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Chest & Arm

Our THS upgrade upgrade on this already great chest & arm comes in the form of greater impact resistance; while the stock unit features multi-density foams, our THS Spec unit features additional high density foam in the biceps, forearms, and sternum.

Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Chest & Arm

The kevlar ballistic material and carbon serve the purpose to provide a stiffened protective "shield", while the additional HD foam and multi-density foam cushions the impact of the puck.

This upgrade, although increasing the weight compared to the stock 2200, is ideal for any goalie playing the game at a high caliber because of its great ability to absorb the impact of any shot. Conversely, it's also a great option for anyone looking for "their last chest." Thanks to the reinforcement of additional HD foam, and the structure of carbon fiber, our THS Spec 2200 is a chest & arm unit that can take on the tests of time.

Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Chest & Arm

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