Goalie Gear Reviews

CCM Axis 2 Leg Pad Review
The original Axis may have been a test drive for CCM and what they could do with stiff pads—and now with the Axis 2, we’ve come to the real deal. Taking what they learned from the original Axis and even the historical Premier series, these leg pads look to elevate your game to the next level… and have you looking great in the process.
CCM Axis 2 Catcher & Blocker Set Review
Prepare for a revolution; the Axis line from CCM is back in one of the biggest updates to a gear line yet, starting with the catcher and blocker. The Axis 2 goalie gear set bolsters a ton of brand new tech—including the highly anticipated 591 break—and lighter construction than ever before.
CCM EFlex 5 Leg Pad Review: Take control of the game.
For 2021, CCM looks to build on the success of the incredibly popular EFlex 4 leg pad while updating them to compete with the modern market. With innovations such as an improved core and sliding surface as well as a molded knee roll and new printed graphics, the EFlex 5 leg pads take the responsive, flexible pad EFlex users know and love up to the next level.
CCM Eflex 5 Chest Protector
The new E-Flex chest protector features new design changes making it one of the best chest guards for mobility without sacrificing coverage.
CCM E-Flex E5.9 and E5.5 Catcher/Blocker Review
One area where CCM has always stood above the rest is in their gloves. The E5.9 and E5.5 catcher and blocker feature a couple notable upgrades over their predecessors giving them an improved feel, protection and some weight reduction.
CCM Eflex 5 Trapper & Blocker Review
CCM took what was great about the E-Flex 4 and made the necessary tweaks to create an even better set of  gloves.
CCM Axis Goal Pads on-ice Review
To ring in the new decade, CCM brings us the all-new Axis line of equipment. This line not only waves goodbye to Premier but also parts ways with Lefevre as their gear designer. This new line brings in a ton of major improvements and features to bring out the best in any goalie who wears them.
CCM Tacks AS3 Pro Goal Skate Review
After releasing their first cowling-less skate last year, the Jetspeed FT2, CCM looks to further improve with the Tacks AS3 Pro goal skate. With a ton of new design elements, CCM has improved this year’s Tacks skate line from all angles.
CCM Axis A1.9 Leg Pad Review
To ring in 2020, CCM introduces the new Axis line and moves away from Lefevre and the Premier line. Along with the Axis, CCM introduces the Axis 1.9 and Axis 1.5 as their senior and entry-level pad. Featuring a new flex profile, redesigned boot and lighter core, this pad is sure to impress and perform for any level.
CCM Axis 1.9 Blocker & Trapper Review
After taking the new A1.9 series from CCM out on the ice, read our take on the step down from the Pro level Axis model. The A1.9 offers terrific value. The Axis line gives CCM a nice revamp where we see many minor changes as well as some major ones. 
CCM Axis Catcher & Blocker On-Ice Review
CCM brings us the all-new Axis catch glover and blocker. This new line brings in a ton of major improvements and features to bring out the best in any goalie who wears them.
2019 CCM Jetspeed FT2 Goal Skates Review
The most revolutionary goalie skates CCM has ever produced are making their way to the market in 2019. The main features consist of a one-piece boot as well as a new quick release holder and a dramatic decrease in weight, making these the lightest goal skates ever produced by CCM
CCM AS1 Super Tacks Goalie Skate Review
The next generation of CCM’s goal skates are here: The Super Tacks AS1 goal skates. CCM is bringing their pioneering Super Tacks technology to the AS1 skate with the Dual Zone 360 quarter package. For the first time, a goal skate will feature a one-piece boot construction with a dual-stiff profile, designed specifically for fit and performance. 
CCM Tacks Goal Skate Review
The newest addition to the CCM goal family is the Tacks goal skate. This goal skate is designed with a stiffer boot than the RibCor to give you stronger pushes, and an asymmetric flex system that counteracts the restriction of a stiff boot. Therefore, CCM has created the Tacks skate to give the modern day goalie the optimal power and flexibility that they desire. 
You're Invited to TENDYFEST - May 27, 2018
The Defining name in goalie demo days "TENDYFEST" Is Back. We assembled all the top goal manufactures and suppliers under one roof for one epic day of everything goalie.
CCM Premier II Leg Pads
The CCM Premier 2 leg pads provide a greater rebound generating power than previous generations, and at a fraction of the weight. With an edgy, new graphic, CCM’s newest leg pads are sure to be popular with the pros and everyone else. 
CCM Premier II Blocker & Trapper
For 2018, CCM Hockey brings us the newest addition to their Premier line. The CCM Premier 2 blocker and trapper provide the same feel that previous Premier gloves had but at a fraction of the weight. Along with an edgy, new graphic, CCM’s newest blocker and catch glove are sure to be popular with everyone.
CCM E3.5 Source Exclusive vs Stock Version
CCM E3.5 Source exclusive vs. Stock Version
CCM E3.9 Source Exclusive vs Stock Version
This year, we are proud to offer the CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 leg pads, trappers and blockers. More specifically, we are proud to offer our own THS Spec Extreme Flex E3.9 leg pads and the Source for Sports Exclusive Extreme Flex E3.9 blocker and trapper.
TENDYFEST 2017 - The Ultimate Goalie Demo Day
We've brought back all the top goal suppliers under one roof with gear for you to try on the ice AND GIVE AWAYS! 
Recap of TENDYFEST 2016
Check out recap of the 2016 TENDYFEST Ultimate Goalie Demo Day as we get ready to launch the 2nd annual event for 2017.