How to apply Padskinz to your leg pads

Having good style counts.

Let’s be honest, how we look on the ice is a big part of the game. In recent years, goaltending has pushed beyond the limits of simply being a sport for many goaltenders, and has now become a lifestyle (and some might even say a fashion show) for beer leaguers to major junior goalies alike. The Hockey Shop padskinz review Padskinz has taken the goalie market completely by storm, as it is a very unique product that currently has nothing remotely close to compete with it. Padskinz allows goalies to colour match any piece of equipment in a quick and easy process and can take a bit of weight off of your shoulders if that glove that is on sale isn’t quite the right colour - now with a little bit of work it can be. Padskinz works in a very simple 3 step process. The Hockey Shop padskinz review


When you first open the package of Padskinz you will notice 3 things are included - the Padskinz material itself, instructions, and a sheet of tracing paper. Take the included tracing paper and lay it down over your pad where you would like to apply the Padskinz. Taping down the tracing paper can help keep the shape exactly as it appears on your pad. After the paper is in place, trace out your desired graphic with a marker, or something similar. The Hockey Shop padskinz review While they do include the tracing paper, it is in no way required. We’ve seen some interesting designs that have been completely freehand. Padskinz are a great way to really personalize your pads, even more so than ordering custom in some situations. The Hockey Shop padskinz review The Hockey Shop padskinz review


The second step in the process is getting the design from the tracing paper onto the Padskinz. Take your piece of tracing paper and tape it down to the Padskinz material in a similar fashion to how it was on your pad. Once it is in place make sure to cut along the OUTSIDE of the original sharpie marks. You can always cut more off afterwards, but you can’t add more back on. The Hockey Shop padskinz review


Once you have your trimmed pieces of Padskinz, peel the backing off and carefully line it up on your pad. The material is able to stretch just slightly, so make sure that it is exactly where you would like it before you fully stick it down on the pad. Something else to keep note of, is that you need to put an incision into the Padskinz material if you want to put it down in between a knee roll, or any kind of breakage in the pad (see photo). If there is no cut the material will eventually pull up and will look as though the pad doesn’t have any knee roll. Allow the applied product a day to settle before using it on the ice. The Hockey Shop padskinz review The Hockey Shop padskinz review The Hockey Shop padskinz review And as simple as that, you have a completely colour matched set. One thing that always seems to come up when dealing with products that are not permanent in nature, is how long it will last. Padskinz, has a great story in the fact that they actually started at the top level of play to test their products. For instance, during the 2014 Sochi Olympics Ryan Miller was wearing the exact same pads that he was during the regular season for the Buffalo Sabres. With Padskinz, Miller went from a Sabre, to an Olympic silver medalist without ever needing to actually switch his gear. If a product can be proven by taking Shea Weber’s slap shot at an Olympic level, it can most definitely last for a Saturday night shinny game, and it’s also designed to last well after that as well. Ryan Miller isn’t the only pro level goalie to use Padskinz but he was the first. As of right now, over 16 NHL teams use the product to make sure that goalies that are entering the organization can look as professional as they possibly can. Check out if your favourite goalie has used Padskinz at the Padskinz gallery on their site

Watch our video with Cam applying it for the first time

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